Fine Art Deco Ruby Diamond 18ct Gold Trilogy Ring .92tcw


This Fine Art Deco Ruby Diamond 18ct Gold Trilogy Ring .92tcw  is a perfect engagement ring or a superb dress ring  ~  your choice!  You will not buy better at this price!
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What a stunning engagement ring or your eye catching dress ring this Fine Art Deco Ruby Diamond 18ct Gold Trilogy Ring .92tcw is! 

We have a few good antique and vintage ruby and diamond rings in stock at present.    Including another fine ring similar to this trilogy ring … yet in reverse of this ,  being two diamonds and one ruby  …….  have a look at it also ,  you may prefer it.

This one certainly has the “IT”  factor ,  that indefinable something that separates such a piece from the pack …….  even though they may look very similar …. the 1 or 2 that have that “IT” factor  are just superior grade items that appeal more than the pack.

View the many many images that we have uploaded for you to enable you to get a “better than in person” understanding of this superior quality genuine Art Deco Ruby & Diamond 18ct gold charmer.     Do a double take on the price and then ,   read on  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

A tip for any gent’s searching for a special engagement ring   >>>>>
Ruby is the gem of love!!
Not diamond as De Beers would have you believe.   Ruby is and always has been the ‘gemstone of love’ and when combined in a trilogy form with diamond / s  ~  18ct gold and such a beautiful 75 year old setting as this ring ,  it is impossible to go wrong with this superior example!

Why superior ??  Set with a matching pair of Especially high grade beautiful  pinkish red natural earth mined .31ct rubies sitting  either side of such a brilliantly white ,  bright and clean  .30ct diamond   ~  the  .92cts of natural gemstones are obviously of particularly fine quality and are absolute stand outs when viewed on a womans hand!   With Ruby’s of this standout quality are rarely seen in Art Deco jewellery today under $5000 at least.
Take your time to have a close look at the numerous images and you will see exactly what I am referring to.    This one will cost you around $5k ++  in Sydney , Melbourne etc !!

At approx;  3.4 grams ,  with a finger size of  ‘P’   ~   this gorgeous ring is of good weight for this style of ring and  may be re-sized also , if required.
The amazing untreated Rubies are approx;  .31 cts  {each}  and  the diamond at  .30ct ,  providing a total of  .92 cts of Untreated natural gemstones.
Being an est;   V Vs  H/G  graded diamond  ~  the diamond is simply outstanding   ~   as are the amazingly coloured  and clean Untreated Rubies!

This is a superior ring in every single aspect , from the colour , clarity & translucence of the brilliant Rubies   ~   to the super clean , white & brilliantly bright  .30ct diamond   ~   to the mount , the design of the thick / solid 18ct band ,  to the fact that it is an authentic art deco ring and not a later copy!!      

The old cut ,  almost table cut ,  gems are considerably deeper than most.   Especially for this period in time as few gems were cut in this manner when this was made.   Probably a requested feature ,  a custom made ring.
This is an especially fine ring and oozes charm and character ,  as only a good antique ring can do ,  with particularly fine rubies and diamonds!

A cut or two above most , of this size gems ,  that you will see on the market today at this price.

Having an ancient history and with origins of a spiritual nature   ~   the trilogy ring is all about love and this exceptionally Fine Art Deco Ruby Diamond 18ct Gold Trilogy Ring  .92 tcw is guaranteed to impress those with ascerning tastes and I believe this is the perfect engagement ring !!

Have a close look at the extra fine diamond and rubies   ~   you will not find this grade of gemstones in antique rings under $5000 too often.

As is the case with 90% of our stock in trade ,  this especially Fine Art Deco Ruby Diamond 18ct Gold Trilogy Ring .92tcw is being sold at a price that you will not find anywhere else in Oz for an authentic art deco high grade ruby and diamond trilogy ring of this grade!

Please use google to compare the ring ,  it’s price and value to any genuinely equal grade deco ring in Australia.    I have no doubt that , with the quality of the diamond and rubies ,   you will struggle to even get close.

Please email to purchase or to enquire about this stunning ring and we will respond promptly.

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