Fine ETERNA Vintage Gents Eternamatic 1950’s Watch


This Fine ETERNA Vintage Gents Eternamatic 1950’s Watch is not just a great looker ,  it is also a quality true vintage watch in great original condition.
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A Fine ETERNA Vintage Gents Eternamatic 1950’s Watch in great original condition.

At approx; 35m  wooc this handsome and fine ETERNA Gents c1950 St’Steel Original vintage watch is a good size ,  all stainless steel gents watch and really does look good on a wrist.

Untouched / original dial ,  hand applied {rivetted}  markers & Arabic numerals ,  original hands ,  crown & dial surface  >>>  all original.

One of the world’s leading brands for many decades ,  Eterna is still producing high end Swiss watches in the 21stC..
Their chronographs are especially sought after ,  as are their 30’s ,  40’s & 50’s military style watches and better models in general.

Some of the best value as far as quality watches at ‘affordable’ prices are found in the slightly smaller Swiss manufacturers with ‘clever owners’ and quality staff ,  are not household names …… often , yet not always , due to not being in operation in the 21stC.
Record , Marvin , Eterna , Hirsch  and many other Swiss manufacturers of the 1st half of the 20thC are amongst those brands which can still offer genuine value on many 30’s , 40’s and 1950’s time only watches. 

Beautiful 17 jewelled manual movement ,  remains in Mint condition & is a fine quality winder!
Attractive font to the brand name on the dial ,  almost Asian or early Greek in style.
An attractive colour dial & appealing dial in general ,  this watch really does look the good when viewed in person especially.

Eterna made very fine wristwatches during the 1930s , 40’s and 50’s with watches with complications of the periods mentioned sell for several thousands of $’s ,  with their time only watches , such as this watch ,  constantly gaining recognition over the past 5 years or so and of course subsequent value increases as well.

Offered at a genuinely good price for the quality & condition of this fine ETERNA Vintage Gents Eternamatic 1950’s Watch,  with a complimentary 6 months warranty added to this handsome 65yr old Eterna.

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