Fine Nicolet TELDA 1940s Chronograph Valjoux 170 36m Watch


This Fine Nicolet TELDA 1940s Chronograph Valjoux 170 36m Watch offers unbeatable value for money at our selling price!  Top quality movement & case , serviced & running beautifully !!


This Fine Nicolet TELDA 1940s Chronograph Valjoux 170 36m Watch is TOTALLY ORIGINAL, Including the DIAL ~ Unlike Many 1940’s Watches That Have Been Restored & Passed Off as Original  ~  This One Has an Original Dial & Presents Much Better Than The Images Suggest!

A quality Charles Nicolet ~ Telda chronograph with over under registers , original red & blue telemeter with attractive dial.
Appealing Oriental style font to the model name is an usual & very rarely , if at all ,  seen feature on Swiss wristwatches from the 1940’s!

Quality solid Stainless Steel 35.7 mm w.o.c. case & top end Venus 170 motor in excellent condition, as per the images.   Full metal jackets on early 1940’s Chronographs with column wheel movements ,  that remain in untouched original condition ,  are not a common commodity by any means.

Lesser watches would not be made from all S.S. & would not house a Val; 170 movement ,  it was simply too expensive to use both in a “lesser quality” watch.
As it would not provide an “equally relevant return” on the unit cost per watch.
Running strong & keeping good vintage time with chrono function operating exactly as it should !!
Full metal jacket , untouched attractive over under dial, hands & top quality column wheel Venus 170 movement!
This is a quality watch by a  ‘*lesser known maker’ of serious quality Swiss watches.  {*lesser known to most collectors}.

The price belies the value & quality that this handsome Chalres Nicolet Telda offers and we encourage you to compare to any other Original Nicolet Telda Over Under dial 1940’s Chronograph with a Venus 170 and full metal jacket at 36 mm’s  ~  with the movement in near mint original condition!!

Made by a leading maker of the period ,  remaining in great aesthetic condition  ~  much more so than it looks here in the photo’s as the camera has Greatly exaggerated the aging of the dial !!!   We guarantee that fact !!
Lesser known companies  {currently}, with top end movements and Cases and with visually appealing dials ~ that remain 100% original ……. with the “branded equals” often selling for 10 & 15 times the current amount of the initial mentioned genres.
The fore mentioned will shortly follow & have already started to!!
And that leaves a lot of room for price increases!!
There are not too many reasons {valid reasons} why these are currently under priced , with value beyond their prices ……. yet the penny is slowly dropping !

As more people become more “educated” or “better read/informed”  on the full story / history of pre 1960’s watches   ~   there will be many changes to the pecking order of vintage wristwatch collecting & of course ,  values! 
Get in early & position yourself to “pick up”  50% to 200% on certain watches {brands} over the next 2 to 5 years!!!
Does that sound like ‘pie in the sky’  ???
Spend a couple of hours researching the price changes / value increases on almost All decent watches over the past 3 to 5 years!!!

Many of the price changes {all in an upwardly direction} over the above 5 year period ,  have already be in the 150% to 400% !!!!
Has that piqued  your attention??
Does YOUR superannuation return figures anywhere near 50% over 2 year???
No , of course it doesn’t!!
Maybe ,  Just maybe the above is one reason why several “wall street type hedge funds”  have been buying/investing in vintage watches for the past 5 or 8 years!!!!!!
Think about the above facts for a moment or two!!!
For those that “have been bitten by the bug” & enjoy vintage watches & vintage watch collecting ,   there is serious money , nest eggs , to be made from owning ‘certain’ vintage watches or genres of vintage watches for those that either have a detailed or well informed market knowledge  Or  those that are prepared to ‘put faith’  in a “buyer / adviser” in this field ,  not unlike an investment adviser yet with far more security & far better proven results!!

One only needs to look at the past 3 or 15 years of price increases & market certainty that few other “investment opportunities” provide!

Serviced & running beautifully in all aspects  ~  this Fine Nicolet TELDA 1940s Chronograph Valjoux 170 36m Watch is a quality chronograph & presents much better than the photo’s indicate & as such  ~  we are prepared to “take it back”  if the buyer does not aggree that it is a much better watch in appearance than these photo’s suggest!!

You will struggle to buy a better original St.Steel 1940’s chronograph of this standard at this price!
Sold with our money back guaranteed descriptions.
Priced to make someone happy!Please email if you would like to own or ask any questions about this Fine Nicolet TELDA 1940s Chronograph Valjoux 170 36m Watch  ~  and we will respond ASAP.

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