Fine Original Antique Anglo Indian Sadeli Ivory Work Box ~ Jewellery Box


A Fine Original Antique Anglo Indian Sadeli Ivory Work Box Or Jewellery Box in excellent original condition!   Beautiful pattern with complex ‘raised rolled’ lid & great condition!  c1860


This Fine Original Antique Anglo Indian Sadeli Ivory Work Box ~ Jewellery Box in excellent original condition is a great example from ‘the people’ who designed & created some of the finest , most stunningly beautiful , technically complex & highly sought antique boxes during the 18th & 19th centuries  >>>>>>  INDIA  ~

Like the nation & people  >>>>>>>>>>  their ‘boxes’  were unique , exotic & very very complex   >>>>>>>>>>  with the cruncher being that the finer examples were not only master craftsmen made but truly stunningly beautiful    ~~    like no others seen before ,  when they started to be brought back to England during the late 18thC and later.

Shortly after the British {military predominantly &  ‘well placed business barons’} discovered the exceptional skills of the *Indian artisans  {after invading their country} who were already producing fine work for their domestic market , yet of different design formats & design origin.

They began utilising the Indian’s craftsmen’s  skills & ridiculously low wage expectations ,    to create amazing pieces of Indian design decoration  ~  in  English formats.     For example  ~  tea caddies , writing slopes or laptops , sewing & jewellery boxes etc etc.

Hence the term used for this & other types of 18th & 19thC ivory inlaid boxes made in what we now call India & Pakistan    ~    Anglo Indian.      The Indians used their long & highly refined skills in conjunction with British designs for small items {as well as furniture} for domestic & professional use such as writing compendiums , tea caddies & various popular gaming utensils etc etc.  {* was not known as India then}

We , in a previous incarnation ,  once specialised in fine Anglo Indian antiques.  
Predominantly yet not only superb Sadeli Ivory boxes of the above mentioned forms , other forms of ivory inlaid boxes from other regions especially Vizagapatam.

Which produced many of the most exceptional pieces ever produced  ~  by any artisans of any country in the world   ~   at any period of history!     The Victoria & Albert has some phenomenal examples.
Our interest & passion for the better examples of 18th & 19thC Anglo Indian ivory , Sadeli Ivory & other ‘forms of boxes’ has not & probably will not lessen..

With this Fine Original Antique Anglo Indian Sadeli Ivory Work Box being in excellent  throughout and still retains it’s original red lining to the under lid with the main colour the Indians used with earlier versions than this c1860’s example ,   being retained to the underside of the box  ….. a blueish purple colour.

Even retaining it’s original & functioning key ,   allowing the box to be locked as desired.   The only portion of loss ,  or at least the Only loss that iv’e seen so far ,  being to the right front corner as viewing the piece.  One vertical 4 mm x 3 mm x 30 mm  piece of ivory is absent.   If one Had to have a loss to the entire piece  ~  it would be that exact piece.

These superb Sadeli Ivory 19thC boxes can suffer from significant inlay loss  ~  if kept in the wrong condition.    If left for example ,  in the sunlight or near a fireplace too often for too long ,  surprise surprise the inlay will loosen & eventually fall out.  I do not mean through normal use & climates but when a box like this is placed in a bookcase sitting to the side of a fireplace that is used ….. after some years the above mention damage may occur.

A good mid size box  at  Approx;  155 front to back  x  208 wide  x  70 mm   ~   Superbly made incorporating beautifully scented Sandal wood  ~  an Ideal jewellery box or literally ,   for any use that you desire!

The original key , or what appears to be at least be the original working key ,  is a plus of course. Allowing  You to keep prying eyes out of the way ,  be they little young prying eyes or not.

The original lock is also retained  ~  with the condition of the interior of the box being as clean & well kept as you could ever hope to find.     If one wanted to line the interior base of the box ,  we can have that sorted and If desired we are also able to arrange the restoration of the One absent piece ,   on your behalf.

Having a fantastic patina & aesthetic ,  this is a superior example  in outstanding condition  ~  and a cut or 2 above most comparable ones seen & handled in recent years!
Offered at a Very ‘competitive’  price and excellent value when compared to what you will pay for these elsewhere online ,  on the rare occasions that they do surface in Oz.

If you would like to purchase this Fine Original Antique Anglo Indian Sadeli Ivory Work Box ~ Jewellery Box or would like to ask any questions regarding this handsome piece  ~  please email for a prompt response.

****  We have Shipped these & larger more delicate & more valuable Antique Sadeli Ivory Jewellery boxes & work boxes & even large writing slopes  ~ both Nationally and Internationally ,  on several occasions & you may be surprised at how inexpensive hand to hand international delivery for this piece is.