Fine Vintage Eberhard National Watch Bumper Automatic MINT Watch


This Fine Vintage Eberhard National Watch Bumper Automatic MINT Watch is truly “one out of the box”!  A truly fine quality vintage watch!


This Truly Fine Vintage Eberhard National Watch Bumper Automatic MINT Watch is one that you or I may not see anytime soon  ~  not in the exceptional condition that this watch remains in.

With the very little known fact that National Watch was a wholly owned by one of the world’s most highly regarded & most highly sought makers of top end early vintage chronographs  >>>>>>>>.  Eberhard Co. SA. of La Chaux-de-Fonds ,  Switzerland  ~  perhaps those reading that fact here ,  for the first time ,  may view “unknown brand names”  a little differently now ,  being reminded that there are some seriously fine and often rare watches that have ‘dial names’ that are both unknown and may take more than 10 minutes on Google to source info on them from ,  if at all.
In can be confusing when researching the dial name as Elgin had near identical name registered yet were vastly iferior wtahces when compared to Eberhard’s watches ….. surprise surprise.

With this superb 100% ORIGINAL National Watch ,  be most careful Not to confuse it , which is very easy to do ,  with ‘National Watch Company’  ~  which had zero to do with the mighty Eberhard but was in fact owned by an “another dial name” of Elgin watches USA   ~   about 27 levels below Eberhard & Co & National Watches ,  as mentioned above.

Always look at the watch itself ,  if the ‘dial name’ is unknown ,  forget that point for a moment or three.
View “the watch”  and see whether it is a fine quality watch ,  in all the usual ways … quality of case , of dial & of course  ~  of the movement.
Followed by condition etc.

The fine quality bumper automatic is a modified / Improved Adolf Schilds cal; and very few of the worlds leading brands have not used A.S. movements at some stage of their history!|
A true testament to their quality.

I believe that basically anyone that has a decent understanding &/or knowledge of quality vintage watches ,  can look at this truly fine Fine Vintage Eberhard National Watch Bumper Automatic MINT Watch and within 1 minute realise that this handsome watch is also of seriously fine quality as well.

At approx; 36m  wooc and with such amazingly Mint condition to the entire piece ,  it really does appear this this handsome watch has either never been worn  Or  worn on very few occasions ,  as the condition is remarkable ……. in every aspect!

The stunning dial would have been one of the most expensive to produce at the time of making.
The amazing gold coloured orb’s are graduated in size and ‘applied’ to the dial ,  via drilling Dozens of tiny holes through the dial.  Inserting the Orbs / numerals or batons via riveting the orb’s / numerals/markers etc to the dial’s rear ,  Perfectly as to not allow them to loosen over the coming decades of use.

The bumper automatic movement is like the rest of the watch ,  in absolute Mint condition and running beautifully.

We will be adding further info etc once we have uploaded/completed the 2 months worth of  listing further stock which we need to accomplish ,  this we will re-visit each listing and “tidy them up”.

Yet ,  int the meantime …….. if you have any questions about  Or would like to purchase this truly Fine Vintage Eberhard National Watch Bumper Automatic MINT Watch ,  please email and we will reply ASAP.