Fine Vintage Omega 9ct Gold Watch Omega 9ct Gold Integral Bracelet


Fine Quality Vintage Omega 9ct Gold Watch & Omega 9ct Gold Integral Bracelet in original condition & original  Omega  box.  GR8 Price!

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This is Fine Automatic  Vintage Omega 9ct Gold Watch Omega 9ct Gold Integral Bracelet  is a very classy dress watch indeed!      Coming to you STR8  from the Swinging 60’s  ,  being c1965. This  ‘All Class’  watch has remained in excellent condition throughout  it’s  half century of life.

This eye catching & beautifully finished vintage dress watch  was made for men ,  yet  there is absolutely no reason why a lady could not wear this Classic 1960’s Gold Omega watch ,  due to the change in ladies fashions!

At approx;  34.5 mm’s without the  Ω  logoed crown ,  this is a good size watch for either gender  &  due to the clean mother of pearl style dial  ~  it is Very easy to read the time at a glance.     The solid gold case is in excellent condition with 1 minor indent to the rear , which apart from never being seen & being of negligible concern   ~   may be removed by a competent jeweller for minimal cost.

Powered by the highly regarded Omega 601 Cal;  movement  ~  with two adjustments ,  which are re-known for their accuracy in timekeeping  &  their long term reliability  ~  coming to you with a Full service freshly completed ,  we assure you that  you will have no issues with this one!

The 100%  original dial is in absolutely Pristine condition & truly belies it’s age  {half it’s luck}.    The applied gold batons are inset with Onyx  which  add a Great Contrast to the  Mother Of Pearl style dial  &  solid gold case/bracelet colours  &  looks fantastic.    The hands are ditto.

Weighing in at over  47 gm’s ,  this Fine Vintage Omega 9ct Gold Watch & Omega 9ct Gold Integral Bracelet  is a comfortably weighted watch without being cumbersome , especially for ladies ,  yet is not a ‘light weight’  in any regard neither.    It is Goldie  Locks weight!

The plexiglass had a small crack above the 12 when these images were taken.   We have since replaced the glass with a  n.o.s.  replacement.

With a watch retaining it’s original red leather  Ω  Box  ,  as this one does ,   it is always a bonus  &  gives one  a secure & instantly recognisable home for the watch when not being worn or whilst travelling  &  makes this Exceptional Omega Gold Watch an ideal gift piece for that Special Man  Or  Lady in your life ,  retaining it’s Original red leather box as it does  &  a   ‘better gift presentation’   as such.

Take a Close look  @  the Integral  Ω  9ct solid gold bracelet  ~  c1965!         What an absolutely Outstanding gold bracelet this one is ,  Beautifully created  &  with a  ‘dead flat’ underside as well!!

I cannot  recall seeing a better 9ct gold Omega bracelet on a gents issued watch ,  ever!   This Must have been their top of the range 9ct gold bracelet at the time ,  as it is head & shoulders above others seen.   It would have been   “available on a range of different models”   &   can only be considered as  a Fine Piece of Gold Jewellery in it’s own right  &  compliments the fine quality 9ct gold 1960s Omega off beautifully.

This is yet another fantastic buy from Hobart Town Antique Jewellery & Vintage Watches being priced at just  au$3,495!       Many , if not most ,  capital city shops would have around  au$5,000 ~ $7,000  on this Fine Vintage Omega 9ct Gold Watch & Omega 9ct Gold Integral Bracelet.

I would suggest that if you have any questions that you may like to ask regarding this Classy  Ω  Vintage solid gold watch  ,   that you ask them promptly  ~  as this handsome watch should not last too long at this price!


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