Genuine Garnet & Diamond Vintage Ring


A  Fine Quality  Genuine Garnet & Diamond Vintage Ring  in fine condition.   Very attractive & well made ring with quality genuine garnets.


This  Genuine Garnet & Diamond Vintage Ring  Is a very attractive ring indeed.

Of English origins & well made  ~  with the ring head being of significant size.

Each Garnet is distinguished via 3 diamonds to either side & which ad’s a nice contrast.

The ring is in fine condition & is easily re-sized by a competent jeweller.    We charge a flat rate of $35 , up or down …… which is around 1/2 to 1/3  of  what almost all jewellers charge!

Which is Also reflective of our pricing on our stock as well  ……….  We are constantly Encouraging potential customers to Compare Our price on an item you like , to any comparable piece in Any other Capital City , via a Google search  ………… Not always But more often than not  ~  we are 1/2 Price & at times … even Less Than Half Price!!

This  Genuine Garnet & Diamond Vintage Ring  is a good example of the excellent value that we provide ….. at just $535  you do not need to be a ‘jewellery buff’ to realize that this is Exceptional Value for such a ring!

Once again  ~  we suggest that If you are do like this attractive vintage ring  ~  that you compare the value & price by typing the above heading into Google  then adding ,  Sydney or Melbourne or Brisbane etc  …….. you mat well get quite a Surprise!

We are happy to answer any questions that you may have & feel free to either call  {04488~64015}  Or email for a Prompt response.

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