Georgian Opal & Pearl 18ct Gold Ring 1838


A Beautiful & genuinely Rare  Georgian Opal & Pearl 18ct Gold Ring  ~  with initials & date to rear ,  1838.
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A Beautiful & genuinely Rare Georgian Opal & Pearl 18ct Gold Ring  ~  with initials & date to rear ,  1838.

Note the use of superior Opal  ~  and the date of the ring.     Australian  Opal was another 100 yr’s approx;   away from being discovered when this gem was cut.
With the opals from the 18th & most of the 19thC  were almost always inferior to the majority of what the world now knows  as  ‘Australian Opal’ ,  a 1830s cut opal of this quality is only usually seen in high end and expensive Georgian ~ very early Victorian jewellery!

So it is genuinely rare ,  to find a Quality opal such as this fine example with plenty of colour & fire ~  in Georgian jewellery!    You will not see too many Georgian rings or even Georgian jewellery in general displaying the  such quality Opals as this great gem ,  not in this price range at least.

Please Note:~  The images showing on a finger , is a gents pinkiy finger.

he engraved decoration is beautifully done.    It has developed a fantastic ‘softness’ to the ring ,  with ‘soft edges’ & an outstanding patina has developed over the preceding  c190 years!

The cabochon cut Fine Opal has a beautiful colouring to it with good fire & movement  ~  showing almost all the colours of the spectrum!   It is by No means a bland – near colourless opal , as so many that one see’s are.

Surrounded by it’s  full accompaniment of early 19thC pearls ,  this Is one eye catching ring  & is instantly recognisable as a Georgian ring , even to those with a passing knowledge of antique jewellery!   The Opal has a Tiny flea bite at 1 end , with the camera making it appear worse than it is when viewed in person.

With the pearls forming the shoulders , which then run’s down the shank with Beautifully engraved decoration   ~  this amazing Georgian Opal & Pearl 18ct gold ring is a genuine rarity.

Another beautiful piece being offered to the market at a genuinely great price by Hobart Town Antique Jewellery!

Please take the time , if interested in this ring ,  to compare  ‘the same / equal’ ring and you may be surprised at how well this is priced.

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