1950’s Extremely Rare Blancpain Rolls Oversized Chronograph 37mm Watch

A superb 1950’s Extremely Rare Blancpain Rolls Oversized Chronograph Watch in Rose Gold 37mm Case with the entire watch being in amazing condition yet especially the dial!
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This is a particularly Fine 1950’s Extremely Rare Blancpain Rolls Oversized Chronograph in Mint condition is one Rare Bird indeed!
*****  SORRY  ,  NOW  SOLD  *****

This Blancpain Roll’s late 50’s / early 60’s chronograph is one rare bird indeed & regardless of it being very close to  NOS ,  it is one hell of a handsome watch as well!

The condition of this handsome chronograph is amazing and looks more like a 5 year old watch , condition wise ,  than a 60 year old watch.

When you consider that many watchmakers in Sydney ,  Melbourne ,  Adelaide etc will charge You around $1,000 to $1,250 to just service a vintage chronograph  &  provide warranty on the service  ~  it makes some of the vintage chronographs THAT WE SELL truly exceptionally good value ,  as Our’s include that Free “$1,000 to $1,250 bonus” that our’s have been serviced for You Already & come with Full movement warranty!

With the ROLL’S  brand being a line of watches Owner & Created by  BLANCPAIN in the 1920’S  ,   via a rectangular automatic movement that was the World’s First Ladies Automatic Watch ~ basically got the ball Roll~ing  {sorry , couldn’t help myself} & the  ROLL’S  name started.      This watch is 100%  Blancpain  ~  as much as any Blancpain dialled watch is!!

This is Not a  “sub brand” or  second brand such as Tudor was to Rolex ,  with Tudor watches {after just a few years of manufacture} became a sub brand ,  a lesser watch ,  of the Rolex watch company.

Whereas  BLANCPAIN  &  ROLL’S  Are One & the Same ,  No quality differentiation ,  as can Very quickly can be confirmed after handling this outstanding chronograph for about 9 seconds.

It Screams Qqqquuaality at you when you handle this one!   No quite tones & No whispers ….. it shouts n screams  ‘I am Serious Quality’  at you ~  as soon as seen &  handled!

Full red colourway tachymeter , registers at 3 and 9 , strong multicoloured dial , attractive original hands including pointed seconds sweep  &  register hands ,  applied gold  ‘exaggerated Arabic numerals’ with applied angular markers  ~  this is one heck of a handsome watch dial !

At around 37 mm’s  w.o.c.  &  39 with  ~  there is plenty of watch to admire on your wrist!   The round pushers , chrono functions , time recording  ~  Every aspect of this superb

Offering AMAZING VALUE FOR MONEY   ~   Do Not just take our word alone for it ,   check to see what other Blancpain chronographs of the same period  &  condition will cost you …… IF you can find One!!!   These are Seriously Rare Watches!!!

Making our price on this genuinely superb & seriously Rare watch look Exactly as it is …….. Extremely Good Buying!!!        Yet please check for yourself.

Further details added shortly.   Yet rest assured in  the meantime   ~   this is a seriously  good 1950’s Extremely Rare Blancpain Rolls Oversized Chronograph with rose gold filled case original pushers ,  crown & stainless steel case back  ~   and remains in exceptional condition in every respect.

The condition is exceptional for a 60+ year old watch.      You will never  &  could never find a 1950’s chronograph movement in better condition than the Landeron  120 powering this amazing  1950’s Oversize Venus Rolls Chronograph Gents Watch  ~

Check the four images of the movement to see what a 60+ yr old chronometer  movement Can look like ,  under exceptional circumstances.    Just returned from being serviced by our Master watchmaker & running as you would expect for such a movement  &  will be sold with our 9 months free warranty  ~  for our customers peace of mind!

The rose gold case gives a beautiful contrast to the handsome dial  &  really does look beautiful on wrist.    Yet to me the most spectacular & eye catching aspect is of course that killer dial!     It is too often that you can take such super close up’s of a 60+ yr old watch dial ,  showing a quarter of the dial   ~   whilst looking as though it is a 5 year old watch that is being photographed!!

Does this super handsome Blancpain chronograph really look quite as good in person than it does here in the photos ???   NO ,  it actually presents Better than these photographs suggest!!

The dial on this 1950’s Extremely Rare Blancpain Rolls Oversized Chronograph Watch really is in perfect condition  &  I can’t stress enough that this fact is by no means a common feature to any 60 yr old watch!         The applied gold numerals & markers also add a great deal to the aesthetics of the dial  &  really do make  ‘the difference’  to many watches ,  in both a good or not so good sense.    Fortunately on this Blancpain Roll’s  ~  they are more than good.

If you would like to purchase this exceptional 1950’s Extremely Rare Blancpain Rolls Oversized Chronograph Watch in Rose Gold case  Or  If you would like to ask any questions ,   please email for a prompt response.