Handsome 1960’s Swiss Creation 35m Absolute Mint Gents Watch


This Handsome 1960’s Swiss Creation 35m Absolute Mint Gents Watch has Never been on a wrist & Never even had a strap attached!!  Quality 21 jewelled movement & True Mint  ~  at this price?  Buy two!

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This Handsome 1960’s Swiss Creation 35m Absolute Mint Gents Watch is from the same group of watches that we purchased recently and All from the swinging 60’s  and  All never seen a wrist!!        *****  SORRY , NO LONGER AVAILABLE *****

It is not too often that you come across a group of watches that are from the swinging 60’s and that have literally never been on a wrist ,  ever!

Yet that is precisely what this Handsome 1960’s Swiss Creation 35m Absolute Mint Gents Watch with date feature and cyclops is!

A 1960 21 jewelled Swiss 35m  {w.o.c.} that appears , condition wise ,  to have been made last week   ~   Not 55+ years ago!   With the great news being ,  at this stage there are still 5 left.

All different European brands yet all in true Mint condition and all never being worn or even having a strap attached.

This Handsome 1960’s 21 jewelled Swiss Creation 35m Absolute Mint Gents Watch must be excellent “gift idea’s” for a loved one , family member or even employee!!

I have No doubt that anyone would love to receive such a unique gift and a fully functional and practical gift as a “Brand New” 55 year old watch that has not only never been worn  ~  but as you can see from the images ,  have never even had a strap attached at this stage in it’s life!!

Each watch comes with the brand new leather strap shown in the respective images ,  which we are happy to attach for you if you prefer.

Every single aspect of the watch is ‘spot on’  as these are Not ‘seconds’ watches but first quality , European branded ex-jewellers stock that has been carefully temperature controlled stored for all of the preceding years sine closing their shop in the early 1970’s !!

Bought off the jewellers descendants by our supplier in Europe and purchased by us   ~   all watches are now offered to the public for the first time in 50 yr’s    ~    and Amazingly in the exact same condition as though you would have viewed them in the jewellers shop some 55+ years ago ,  hang tag’s included!!!!!
Time warp almost!

A quality 21 ruby’s/jewelled movement  ~   manual wind ,  with the movement presenting just as the rest of the watch does  >>>>>>>>  Brand New and All have survived the past 55+ years extremely well and that fact alone should answer any questions as to QUALITY   ~  poor quality watches would not last so well as these have ,  regardless of being worn or not!

Running strong and keeping better time than ‘some’ would expect , this Handsome 1960’s Swiss Creation 35m Absolute Mint Gents Watch offers fantastic value for money at this price and the prices that we are able to sell each individual watch for!

Handsome dial with seconds sweep and applied gold coloured batons ,  gold lume filled hands , appealing dial   ~   this is surprisingly much better quality than ‘some’ may initially think!!
This and all from the same group really do offer exceptional value for money  and  are each sold with our complimentary 6 months full warranty!

Priced that well that you should consider purchasing Two ,  the entire group of 100% Swiss made watches {5 left now}  all offer genuinely great value for money & as stated ,  perfect gift’s to employee’s & friends etc ………. each can be rear case engraved at minimal cost!!

To purchase this fine Handsome 1960’s Swiss Creation 35m Absolute Mint Gents Watch Or  to ask any questions ,  please email and we will respond promptly ,  usually on the same day.

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