Hardy Bro’s Columbian Emerald over 4ct’s , Diamond & White Gold Brooch~Pendant


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Vintage Hardy Bro’s Columbian Emerald over 4ct’s} , Diamond & White Gold Brooch~Pendant  in the form of a Stylised Bird. Original case retained with this custom made Vintage Columbian Emerald pendant ~ brooch.

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What an Exceptional Hardy Bro’s Columbian Emerald  over 4ct’s , Diamond & White Gold Brooch~Pendant this piece is!  Complete with it’s original Hardy’s box ~ This Stylised Bird Pendant~Brooch is an exceptional piece anyway that you look a it.

Made from 18ct white gold which has Diamonds interspersed into the gold body of the Stylised Bird with the Feature being the 4ct+ of Columbian Emeralds!

This Exceptional Hardy Bro’s Columbian Emerald , over 4ct’s},  Diamond white Gold Brooch~Pendant Looks A~mazing worn over Black  ~~~  And one does not need to be a Jeweller to instantly recognise that these are fine Columbian Emeralds & You Will be Noticed when You wear this A~mazing piece!

Yet , In saying that ~~~ There is Another , not only viable , but Very Astute Option that this Fine piece offers.

Some may Prefer to utilise the Over 4ct’s of Columbian Emeralds to have Their Own Suite of Jewellery Custom Created Especially  for You!   I can almost Guarantee you that it would cost Much less than You probably Expect ~~~ IF you have it created by us!  Often around  1/3rd of Sydney  , Melbourne etc Jewellers Quotes ~ For the Same Fine work!!

Perhaps a pair of Fine Gold & Emerald Earrings AND a Emerald Ring  ~~~ Or a  Gold & Emerald Pendant & Matching Earrings ???  The choice is  All Yours  ~~ Our Expert Jeweller can design & create Your Choice of combination  OR He can Create  Your design as well ….. Once again , The Choice is All Yours!

I can Guarantee you that we can create a superb piece/s of jewellery at a True Fraction of what You will be Forced to Pay in Sydney , Melbourne or Brisbane etc!!  Working with your design Or your approval of Our design ……. Once again ~ The choice is Yours!

With This Exceptional Hardy Bro’s Columbian Emerald over 4ct’s} , Diamond & White Gold Brooch~Pendant having a Fresh Valuation putting it’s Replacement Value {Not Insurance} at Over  au$13,000   ~~~  The Price that  Hobart Town Antique Jewellery  will accept for Custom made Hardy Bro’s piece Definitely makes the Option of utilising the stones & Gold to make Your Own Custom Created Jewellery is Very Viable Indeed!!

At Only  au$7,700  ~~~ The Very Last thing that this Genuinely Unique Piece is , is Over Priced!!!    It represents Excellent Value for money & I would Strongly Encourage you to Compare Our price to ANY Equivalent Emerald jewellery of equal stones etc Via a Google search!

This is Most Definitely an Investment Piece ~~ And Has All of the Correct attributes for Investment Jewellery! Authentic natural  stones , large carat/s , Quality materials , Fine condition & of Course ……. where ever possible ~ Made By a  ‘Major Name’.     This Gr8 piece ticks All the boxes!

So , If you have any questions regarding this A~mazing  & Exceptional Hardy Bro’s Columbian Emerald over 4ct’s} , Diamond & White Gold Brooch~Pendant  feel free to Either Email for a nexy day reply  Or Call  04488~64015 for an immediate response  ~~~  Yet at  au$7,700 ~ I wouldn’t leave it Too Long!