Jaeger Lecoultre 1944 Black Dial Military Style Cal;469a Watch

Highly collectable original Jaeger Lecoultre 1944 Black Dial Military Style Cal;469a Watch priced to sell.  Original 1940s vintage Jaeger Lecoultre military style watch.
** No Longer Available **

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This Jaeger Lecoultre 1944 Black Dial Military Style Cal;469a Watch is from the sought after 1940’s JLC black dial military style range.

*** No Longer Available ***

The black dial remains in untouched original condition and has a great vintage aesthetic.

Dating to 1944 , the first year of the fabled Cal;p469a’s release ,  this is the earliest example of this model that we have seen  ~  with the movement commencing with 29 and is a testament to the durability of the hugely popular 1940s Jaeger Lecoultre black dial military style range of watches.

One of the most sought after genres of vintage watch collecting ….. ww2 period black dial military style watches by major Swiss manufactures ……… which remain in good yet original condition.
With this handsome Jaeger Lecoultre 1944 Black Dial Military Style Cal;469a ticking all the above boxes …… with the major tick being the manufacturer ……. one of the worlds most iconic Swiss watch brand names of all time!

Equal too Or superior than 99% of Rolex watches made in 1944 ……….. yet at around au$12,000 smaller price tag.
{we firmly believe that the vast majority of Rolex watches are one of the most over priced items , of any item not only watches , in the world!}.

The JLC Cal;469a movement is a joy to view ,  remaining in mint condition and featuring the handsome Geneve stripe to the movement and regarded by most knowledgeable JLC pundits as one of the very best maunal movements ever made by Jaeger Lecoultre.
Running strong and functioning beautifully ,  there are zero issues with this handsome Jaeger Lecoultre 1944 Black Dial Military Style Cal;469a Watch.

Original lume dots and Arabic numerals , hands and large sub seconds dial  hand ….. this one is as true as they come.

Many similar watches that I have seen over recent years have U.S. made Lecoultre case backs …. the wrong case back in other words!
Naturally that fact affects a watches value enormously.

This model has a “finger nail tab” to the side of the case back , to assist with opening the case.
With the vast majority of fine vintage watches ,  originality is a major factor as to a watches price / value and those with re-painted dials or replaced cased backs {regardless of what brand name appears on the case back} should be ‘left alone’  or to pay around 20% of the original examples price / value!

The case had not been cleaned when the current pic’s were taken and is shortly being cleaned ,  prior to selling.

With this watch remaining in not only original but desirable vintage condition ,  there are zero concerns with this watch …….. and as we always do …. we guarantee the listing to be correct and accurate.
Fitted with a quality , supple tan coloured leather strap which suits the watch.

You will find 31m JLC from the 40s with black military style or non black dials around the same price as this Jaeger Lecoultre 1944 Black Dial Military Style Cal;469a Watch  ~  making our price on this approx; 33.5m  ‘untouched’ JLC especially good value ,  even more so with the complimentary warranty and money back guaranteed description that the buyer receives with the watch.

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