Late & Great Art Deco Sessions Speedometer Electric Clock


A  Late & Great Art Deco Sessions Speedometer Electric Clock in fully functioning condition!     A  True design  Icon ……  the  “speedometer clock  or  speedometer radio”  have been widely sought  &  collected since they were first designed & released in the 1940’s!        *** ALL PRICES In  au$’s  ***



A  Late & Great Art Deco Sessions Speedometer Electric Clock in fully functioning condition!    Of a design/style  that were not only just not available in Australia , at least not in any numbers ,    but also of a truly  Classic Design Aesthetic  &  soo indicative of the design excellence that was in such abundance throughout the war years & shortly after!

Pieces such as this fantastic clock will Always be regarded as  “appealing”  ,   regardless of the reasons why it will  ‘forever appeal’  ~   some pieces are seen as  “Period Classics”   Or   “Period Icons”  …….  meaning they are  “so reflective  of  /  or instantly recognisable as  design  of the period it was made in  &  then called a Design Classic or  Icon of it’s period”.

To me ,   this handsome Late & Great Art Deco Sessions Speedometer Electric Clock easily jumps into that category!

If you are  ‘of a certain age’  you will remember driving or being a passenger in either old  U.S.  cars  or  old / early Aussie made cars  that had dashboards that were not unlike this  classic clock ,   or  part dashboards for those that like being precise.

Running almost as good as it looks  {& it runs perfectly!}  ~   you will get double takes ,  questions  &  compliments where ever you display this Iconic clock!            At around 9 or ten inches in width  {22 ~ 25 cms}   it also is a Goldie Locks size clock ,   being neither too large nor too small.

Those of you familiar with Valve/Tube U.S. radios or  electric clocks may be aware that ‘they’  use a different electrics that we do in Australia.      Transformers are available that enables you to simply plug in ,  switch on  &  play   ~   yet the majority are expensive or  ‘not suitable quality’.

As HOBART TOWN ANTIQUE JEWELLERY  &  VINTAGE WATCHES  Genuinely not Only consider our customers …… we actually  ‘go out of our way’ to provide a level of service that NO larger shops can or will  &  Very few smaller shops , such as our’s ,  even consider providing!       YES ,  we are  ‘blowing Our own trumpet’  ~  yet in business that is allowed at times ,   IF accurate!

Included within the price is a Top Quality Brand New ~  Heavy duty   ‘step down’  transformer ……..  allowing you to simply  Plug in ,  Switch on  &  Enjoy!

You can , naturally ,  use Any U.S. made electrical appliance in your home  Or  wherever you have power & need to convert that power to Aussie electrical system with this ‘step down converter’ !       On top of that ,   you can actually use 2  products at the same time ,   as it has 2 inlet/outlet plugs to utilize  at the same time.    Brand New , Highest quality made  ~  fully boxed with instructions ……. these , of this quality ,  can cost  au$250 ~ $400 alone to buy!

So ,   at  $395 for both the clock  &  the converter   ~  we think that this is indicative of the bulk of our pricing ,   ~    excellent value for money  &  often the best price available ,    anywhere in  Oz.

Therefore there are Zero reasons why this Classic ,  Late & Great Art Deco Sessions Speedometer Electric Clock cannot be added to Your home  or  even Man Cave to add too that fantastic aesthetic that the art deco  &  late art deco {40’s to 50’s}  gives to any room ,  house  or  space!

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