Omega Constellation Chronometer Gold Bezel Boxed c.1970


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Omega Constellation Chronometer Gold Bezel Boxed c.1970  In Immaculate original condition including Dial.  Excellent Value for a Watch That will Only Increase in Value  ~  If Remaining in the same condition or Very Similar.

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Another Superb Watch by arguably the Best Watch Company to have been successful in 3 Centuries of Manufacturing & Supplying Quality Watches to The Masses  ~  This  Omega Constellation Chronometer Gold Bezel Boxed c.1970 Is Yet Another Superior Quality Vintage Watch which remains in Immaculate condition , some 45 yr’s after being made!

The DIAL:~   Is exactly as the numerous images indicates that it is   ~~   Immaculate & Original.   This Particular,  Near Mint & Boxed Connie ,  is Simply one of the Most  Handsome  Classic Dials of it’s Period & is about as Perfect an example as You Will Ever Find ~ Anywhere!          I will let the images describe the entire Watch on this occasion  ~~~  It is running sweetly , has a new Fine Quality leather strap & as mentioned ………………………… You Will Not Find a Better example!


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This near Mint  Omega Constellation Chronometer Gold Bezel Boxed c.1970  Is another GR8  Example of How Much MONEY YOU WILL SAVE When You Take The TIme To VISIT    ~~~     NO False Claims  ~  Just Quality Items Offered to You  @  Some of The BEST Prices In Australia!!    Compare our price/s  Via a Google search!

This Omega Constellation Chronometer Gold Bezel Boxed c.1970 comes with it’s Original Red Leather Box.   It has an 18ct Gold Bezel & rear Observatory plaque.  Quick set crown for day date , Original gold Omega logo to the Crown.

This is Simply as Good as They Come , in this model , & is offered to the market at around  au$500 – $700  LESS Than Many Shops in Capital Cities Currently Charge   ~~~   At  ****au$1,785****   I Doubt You will Find Better ~ Anywhere whatsoever!!       Hobart Town Antique Jewellery  Offers Another Superior Quality Piece at Well Below What Others Are Currently Charging   ~~~   Keep An Eye On Our Site  …..  We Are 1 of The Best Value Shops in OZ.    ***au$1,785***