Omega First Seamaster Model Made 1948 ~ 49 All Orig; Ref;2577

This Omega First Seamaster Model Made 1948 ~ 49 All Orig; Ref;2577 remains in 100% Original condition!  This is the Seamaster that started the Iconic Omega model.

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There is more than meets the eye with this outstanding Omega First Seamaster Model Made 1948 ~ 49 All Orig; Ref;2577 !


With this 100% Original  Ω    with centre seconds sweep being amongst the earliest  Omega seamasters made & sold!     You will find it very very difficult to source a better  & impossible to find a more original 1948/49 Omega Seamaster automatic!      This Cal;351 powered vintage Omega  is exceptional in every respect     ~~    not least being the appearance of the dial !!

With the first seamaster {sub seconds}  being released in 1948 to commemorate the world’s greatest commercial watch companies  First 100 years of success ,   1848 ~ 1948  &  the first seamaster with a centre seconds sweep being released the following calendar year  in 1949  >>>>>>>  the same year this outstanding watch was made!

Putting this seriously handsome watch among the very first Omega Seamaster without sub seconds ever made and certainly the first model with centre seconds sweep.

The dial is untouched & original , as is the entire watch.  The two tone dial changes in appearance with the outer chapter ring appearing darker than the centre on some angles  ~  then the centre will appear darker than the outer chapter ring!     With the slightly wider spear head markers giving them a more “wedge” aesthetic  &  amazingly still retaining the original lume highlights for night viewing to most {though long faded}.

With the quadrant arabic numerals ,  12 – 3 – 6 – 9   and  the new Omega model name  “Seamaster”  being ‘high placed’ above the hands juncture ,  not below as the vast majority of later Seamasters are ……… all combine with the two tone dial feature to result in making this Omega First Seamaster Model Made 1948 ~ 49 All Orig; Ref;2577 one hell of a dial that looks considerably better when viewed in person in particular  &  is a dial aesthetic/design that has always been popular.     With strong resemblance / similarity to a certain Rolex model.

With the st.steel case being just under 35 mm’s w.o.c.   it is a good sized Classic   Ω with an Iconic pedigree & a very important place in wristwatch history.
The solid St.Steel case is about as good as you will see around this period & remains in excellent condition as per the images.

The Cal;351 as in absolute mint condition , as I am sure you have noticed by now.
Rose Gold coloured & I have no hesitation stating that you will never see a 68 year old wrist watch movement in better condition that this ,  especially a bumper auto.

This Omega Seamaster First Edition Bumper Automatic Original c1949 can only be regarded as a certainty when it comes to collectors of Omega Seamaster’s or First release watch.   As this Omega First Seamaster Model Made 1948 ~ 49 All Orig; Ref;2577 is amongt the very first watches & certainly the very first Seamaster centre sweep model ever made!

Priced at a very realistic price for this watch and if you would like to purchase or ask any questions regarding this handsome Omega First Seamaster Model Made 1948 ~ 49 All Orig; Ref;2577  ~  please email and we will promptly respond.

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