Omega Vintage Roman Numerals Dial Early Bumper Automatic All Original c1944


What a Stunner this Omega Vintage Roman Numerals Dial Early Bumper Automatic All Original c1944  is!            Restrained Class  &  Obvious Style!


The second of two similar Classic Omegas   ~   this Omega Vintage Roman Numerals Dial Early Bumper Automatic All Original is a genuine Classic watch  ~  made by a Legend in the industry   Ω.                                               

Made during the time the horrors of ww2 were erupting throughout Europe {& other places} during 1944 ,  when this Iconic watch was made.

Housed within its large original 3 piece  st.steel  35 mm case  ,  ticks one of the New type of wristwatch movements called  “Automatics”  ……… where the movement of one’s wrist  ~  actually winds the watch!

As Omega had only Just released this movement ,  their very first fully automatic movement ,  to the world some 12 months or so prior to this watch being made ,  as stated previously!

Being the very first automatic watch ever sold by Omega ,   the  Cal; 28.10 PC is always sought after when it appears in such a Classic Omega dial design / configuration such as this exceptional Omega Vintage Roman Numerals Dial Early Bumper Automatic All Original  from 1944  .
One that will only ever increase in interest as more & more men {99% of watch collectors of this genre are men}  discover the  ‘parallel universe’  of vintage watch collecting.

The entire watch is all original , including the untouched dial , unsigned crown , leaf shaped hands & the also  ‘newly invented’ seconds sweep etc!   There is some very minor aging to the dial ,  as expected at 70 years of age , with a cpl of drag marks were the hands at some stage had been touching the handsome milliseconds marked dial.

Doing zero except adding to the unique history of this superb & classic Omega vintage ww2 period Omega Vintage Roman Numerals Dial Early Bumper Automatic All Original c1944.
Hardly visible when viewed in person & greatly exaggerated here due to the magnification of the up close photos.

This is a highly sought after early automatic Omega large cased watch  in untouched original condition , with highly desirable Roman numeral dial & one that definitely comes under the banner of an  “Classic early Omega Collectors Watch”   !

With so many of the watches of this period having had their dials repainted ,  it is always a welcomed relief to source one in 100% untouched original condition & without major aging to the dial.

You can find “this watch” for sale at prices around au$3,500 to $5,000!
Thats is not an exaggeration and European dealers as well as some U.S. dealers obtain such prices!

The hour hand had been slightly bent at some stage whilst servicing i would assume.   In some angles there is a drag mark visible  yet  by No means  is it as noticeable nor is it as significant as some photo’s here suggest.
It is genuinely much harder to see when viewed in person!

Note the condition of & just how clean the very early bumper automatic is ,  nothing short of exceptional!       Being an oversize case , for the period ,   which remains in such fantastic condition & a solid / sturdy case as well  ~  only adds to quality of the watch as a whole.
The case has been cleaned and polished at sone stage.

To find a very early Omega automatic movement in mint condition ~  with oversize st.steel 35 mm case also in amazing condition  ~  with such a handsome &  Original dial with very appealing Roman numeral dial  ~  with the entire watch being in such good original condition …….. is not an everyday occurrence !!

Being sold at a genuinely good price ,  this handsome 1940’s Omega is guaranteed to impress!

If you agree and would like to purchase or ask any questions about this fine & rare Omega Vintage Roman Numerals Dial Early Bumper Automatic in all original c1944  ~   please email for a prompt response.