Outstanding Antique Amethyst 15ct Rose Gold Victorian Earrings

What a truly Stunning pair of Outstanding Antique Amethyst 15ct Rose Gold Victorian Earrings this pair is!  Guaranteed MINT Condition ~ this pair are head & shoulders above 99.9% of earrings seen of the same genre!

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A pair of Truly Outstanding Antique Amethyst 15ct Rose Gold Victorian Earrings in exceptional Mint condition!


Outstanding ,  Victorian earrings , 15ct Rose Gold ,  exceptional Mint condition  >>>>>>>> just those 9 words or so ……. say pretty much most of the Facts that need to be known.

This genuinely Superb pair of 1870’s earrings are a pair that  “Have that indefinable  “IT Factor”  that ‘something’  that one can’t quite put a term too nor adequately explain to others!

They may be superb quality , even have larger or better gemstones attached….. yet that does Not mean that ‘they’  will have the “IT Factor” ……. there is Zero doubt about these.   They Most Certainly do have the “IT Factor” in spades!      Hopefully that may come through in the images.

Comment on the price  of this superb pair of Victorian 15ct Rose Gold Amethyst Earrings in Mint condition ……. the first pair of a genuinely comparable nature that I found online & for sale in Oz  ~  are a near identical Pair ,  yet One level / One grade below these ………  au$1300 More for that pair.   One grade , down ,  $1,300  More ……. Many would consider that is a fairly decent price difference!!!

We have uploaded 15 images for you to make an informed decision about these stunning earrings.   Unlike the majority of shops who expect you to make an expensive outlay using 2 , 3 or 4 images only!    We have much more respect & consideration for all of our customers ,  whether they have done business with us before or are yet to do so  ……  we will always treat our customers with the respect that they deserve! 

We can Guarantee You that on the fine quality pieces …. in 100% Frankness ……. We  Do have some of the Very Best Prices in Australia  &  we suggest that You bookmark us  &  Compare Our prices to those of Any other Capital city shop!    Preferably one that provides the same money back guaranteed descriptions as we do!

Having a hang of approx; 60 mm’s from the ear  ~  approx;  60 mms from the curve of the hook.  Obviously very generous in size  &  by No means small earrings in anyone’s terms.  Approx;  16 mms at widest.
As a sharp eye may have already detected   ~   these are made , throughout , of heavy gauge solid rose gold & therefore have a very very good weight of over 12 gm’s of gold to the pair!!     Most of this style are around 60 or 75% of that weight.

The Amethyst:~    These are amongst the very best Amethyst gems that we have seen for many years!   Having a superb sapphire blue tone to the superior gemstones!
With each earring having a larger 6.25 mm x  4.75 mm inverted Tear Drop amethyst  ~  sitting above a 4 mm round faceted cut gem below ,  they look exceptional!
Truly excellent colour & clarity ,  far above standard amethyst.

Both sets of gemstones on both earrings are housed within an extra strong & thick shaped mount.  The use of an inverted tear drop is to follow the general shape of the earring ,  smaller to wider towards the bottom of the earring,  the same as an inverted tear drop.

The Superb Quality natural Amethyst gemstones have a reticulated housing which allows glimpses of light to come through.      Below the lower gemstone is an unusual yet very effective & attractive reticulated ‘flower head’  that also allows light to shine through the openings of the appealing decoration.

Just above the Tear Drop Amethyst are a pair of leaves ,  which in part ,  are folded over ,  while being part of the appealing decoration   ~   they also allow a strong & secure area to attached the articulated section between the Shepard’s hooks & the larger section of these antique earrings.

The middle section , just mentioned ,  is very appealing decorated with further foliage if the form of a small flower head with leaves attached.    Being double articulated , via full intent , enabling plenty of movement to each earring every time you move your head ,  with every movement the amazingly beautiful coloured Natural gemstones dance & catch both the light & enhance the colour through movement.

These Outstanding Antique Amethyst 15ct Rose Gold Victorian Earrings are genuinely a cut above any others , of the same design ,  that I have seen.

The Rose gold content is very strong.   The glow & patina that these superb c1870’s 15ct Rose Gold earrings truly are well above “the norm” for this genre or style of Victorian earring.   Although these are not hallmarked , they have been tested to 15ct gold as recently as the day of writing this.      Naturally we guarantee that fact.

To the extent that I have just finished looking a Very similar pair of amethyst earrings , inline , for sale in Sydney.   Apart from being about $1300 More than this superb pair   ~   the are , in fact ,  about one step or one grade below this exceptional & genuinely fine pair.

It has become So very difficult to source genuinely fine grade antique earrings of a ‘superior nature’  that have not been changed , adapted too or adapted from , repaired or damaged  ~  that when one does secure a top pair at a fair price , ‘it has been a good day’.

If You would like further info on these superb earrings  Or  if you would like to  “call these Mine”  before another lady snaps these Outstanding Antique Amethyst 15ct Rose Gold Victorian Earrings up  >>>>>>> Please make enquires via email and we will reply ASAP …………  before they are  …  gone to another lover of Superior Quality Authentic Antique Jewellery ~

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