Outstanding 19thC Gold Taille d’ Espargne Bangle 1860’s


Truly Outstanding 19thC Gold Taille d’ Espargne Bangle , c1860’s  ~  beautifully made and remarkable condition.


This Outstanding 19thC Gold Taille d’ Espargne Bangle ,  c1860’s  is an amazingly beautiful piece of antique jewellery!

Talk about  “compliment magnets” ……….. this Amazing  10ct gold bangle will draw compliments every single time that you wear this exceptional piece.

{{ Taille d’ Espargne  ~ meaning finely engraved with applied baked enamel decoration {usually black}  to the engraved sections , finest work is ‘shallow engraved’ & difficult to execute successfully  &  a feature not often used due to the complexity of success }}

At approx;  13 mm’s wide  it is wider than most.   This exceptional bangle will not accommodate a large wrist ,  though it will not only fit most women’s wrists   ~  it will look more amazing on your wrist than it does here!     Weighing approx;  17+ gm’s of gold ,  this quality antique bangle is also of above average weight for this style / design of antique bangle.

Although not what you could call rare ,   these outstanding 19thC Gold bangles which feature Quality Taille d’ Espargne work ~  are not easy to find …….  especially at this price in Australia.
This outstanding 19thC Gold Taille d’ Espargne Bangle from the 1860’s ~ 1870’s  represents obvious value!

The grape vine ,  leaves  &  flower enamel decoration is nothing short of art work ,  art work in 10ct gold & enamel.    Extensively covering both front  &  back of the bangle  &  remaining in amazing condition  {often only decorated to the ‘top’ of a bangle or have less decoration in general}  Just another sign of the Superior quality of this  piece when compared to it contemporary’s .

The clasp works as it should  &  locks shut firmly & tight.    The safety chain gives you further added security.

The only marks/indents  is one very minor spot to the Interior only ……. it is not visible at all when worn & has zero bearing on any aspect of appearance / aesthetic  or  function  &  is mentioned out of full exposure only.    
Excellent condition for a piece of hand made gold jewellery that is c.155 years of age!

We encourage you to compare the price of this fine antique bangle to any of the same design ,  as we doubt that you will find many that are priced below our selling price.

If  we can assist you with any aspect regarding this truly superb 19thC  10k  gold bangle   ~   please email.