Outstanding Omega Army Issue 30T2 c1940’s Radial Dial Ref; 2179 /5 Army

Genuine Museum Grade & Truly Outstanding Omega Army Issue 30T2 c1940’s Radial Dial watch  in near mint condition.   

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This Outstanding Omega Army Issue 30T2 c1940’s Radial Dial is in near mint condition  &  a Genuine Museum grade  ww2  Icon!         The condition of this Outstanding   Ω   is simply exceptional ,  you will never find a army issue 1944 watch in better condition than this watch.       They do not exist!  


Please refer to the following link which is Omega’s own website.   It will prove beyond doubt that this watch {& also it’s black dial counterpart currently listed} is made for the U.S. Army.
It is a 100% fallacy that the watches need to have ‘US army’ engraved into the back.
I much prefer to believe Omega !


They simply do not come any better  than this Classic Omega Army officers radial dial overize watch  &  when we say that it is of museum grade ,   that is a 100% accurate statement!

Omega especially produced watches  for the U.S. Army  , British Armed Forces & Canadian army to a lesser degree,  during  ww2   ~   with the U.S. watches having  movement  #’s  all in the 10 million range  &  being  delivered to the U.S.  Army July 25, 1945.
Note the date!

Some issued to the  U.S.   were  later stamped/shallow  engraved to the rear case  ‘U.S. Army’   ~   Yet it is Fact  that they were not all engraved/stamped  due to the end of the war coming very soon after the shipment of Omega Military watches landed on  U.S.  soil!

Even though the conflict continued with Japan ,   far less numbers of U.S. troops were enlisted or sent on special opp’s after August 1945 {in regards to official ww2}.

From what I have come to believe ,   the watches issued to the Canadian Army were not marked at all.     With some , yet far from all ,  U.S army watches being stamped / engraved as well.
We sourced this Outstanding Omega Army Issue 30t2  from an established contact in the U.S.

The watch had been in the one family for some decades.        Yet the previous owner did not know how far back in the family it went ,  whether his great grandfather wore the watch during his time in the  army during ww2  is unknown.

This over sized ww2  Omega was produced in 1944.  The case is measures a large 35mm x 42mm  ~  all stainless steel with screw back  &  remains in nothing short of exceptional condition   &  also retains  it’s original Omega crown.

The case is extremely solid  &  sturdy ,  as you would expect a watch made for this purpose would be.    the case is also in outstanding condition ,  especially when you remember that you are viewing a c.70 year old watch!      There is a slight shadow to the dial ,  from where the watch sat idle for some years.
It is by No means excessive ,  is in fact hardly noticeable in person  &  mentioned out of complete disclosure only!

The legendary Omega  30t2   is widely regarded as one of  the world’s best manual wind non certified chronometer movement ever made ,   by any watch brand!
Even though it has “unofficial chronometer status” solely as they were not tested!

Set with Breguet hairspring  &  is regarded ,  by Omega ,  to be …  quote….  “a special high precision adjustment to the movement ,  like a chronometer”   end quote.

Take a close look at the 16 jewel ‘un-official chronometer grade’  movement ,   it looks New ………. it is in Absolute Mint condition.

Remember you are looking at a  made for army  ww.2  period watch  ~  that even if it did or did not make it through ww2 Burma and other conflicts outside of Europe ~ without seeing the front line   ~   it is in remarkable condition for a  70+ year old watch ,  front line or no front line !!

This certainly is a Museum grade watch  &  about as good as you are ever likely to see of this model  ,   in every respect!

The great dial  on this  Outstanding Omega Army Issue 30T2 c1940’s Radial Dial Icon  is nothing short of outstanding! …….  It features my favourite dial configuration for these 40’s dials ,   with the popular  ‘dancing numerals’.

Note how the  2 ,  3 ,  9  ,  10  &  12 ~   all have the Top of the numeral facing the outside of the watch ,   whilst the  4 ,  5 , 6 ,  7 ,  8  all have their Bottom sides facing out!  The 1 & 11 are happy either way.       This is a seldom seen feature from any watch company …… even on these Omega military issues  ~  most do not have such a dial configuration.

This Outstanding Omega Army Issue 30T2 c1940’s Radial Dial is a genuine iconic 1940s model and one of the more collectible model of the period.

Original hands retain their original radium  &  are as perfect  as the entire watch!    Being sold at a  better than “realistic price”   &  well below what some leading international galleries will sell this watch for!

This  Ω  army 30T2 Radial dial is as good as they come and original.

 If you would like to ask any questions regarding this Outstanding Omega Army Issue 30T2 c1940’s Radial Dial Icon ,   please email for a prompt response.




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