Rare Art Deco Chinoiserie Valve ~ Tube Radio Original & Working!


An attractive & Rare Art Deco Chinoiserie Valve ~ Tube Radio Original & Working condition!     Try & find another ,    working  ~  Anywhere!     Fantastic for collectors  Or  admirers of antique Chinoiserie furniture or decorative art’s!                                  ****  ALL PRICES In  au$’s ****


What an unusual yet fantastic & Rare Art Deco Chinoiserie Valve ~ Tube Radio Original & Working ,   is this one!


This is a Fantastic decorators piece & one guaranteed to catch the attention of everyone that graces which ever room you have this in  …………..  But ,   when you turn it on & it blast’s out some 1950’s rock & roll  ….. or similar ,   that’s when the  ooh’s  &  aahs  will be heard!

I have never encountered one of these ,  in well over 30 years of dealing in antiques & a Huge array of decorative art’s  &  collectibles ………… I have seen ‘radio grams’  with Chinoiserie decorated cabinets   ~   yet Never a value or tube radio with Chinoiserie decoration hand applied direct to the radio.      Making each and every radio produced unique ,   due to variations  and  differences to each piece.

Dating to the ww2  period  or Just after ,   this very attractive  &  appealing piece was survived it’s  70 years of life remarkably well ,   while remaining in 100%  untouched original condition as well!

Equally Amazing is the fact that the radio still works as it did ,   when made around 70 yr’s ago!       That fact alone puts the piece into a totally different category altogether   &  with the fact that this is not just an attractive & rare piece to have on display ,   to help decorate which ever room that it is placed in ……………. but that it can also be used whenever required  &  with a Totally unique sound that this amazing value radios broadcast ……… this one will most definitely add stacks of ambience to any room ,    especially when the  ‘on knob’  is turned!

As some collectors may be aware of ,   these U.S. made valve / tube radio’s run on a very different electrical circut/ current than what is used in Australia.         Convertors can be of course purchased ,    yet can often have  ‘hefty price tags’.

Worry Not …………………. at  Hobart Town Antique Jewellery ….. when we say that WE Actually consider our customers point of view & needs Much more than the fast majority of businesses do in 2015/16!                   Included within the price is a Brand New unused fully boxed Transformer  ~  so all You need to do  …. is plug in , switch on  & play!

Would You Honestly Expect THAT Level of service  @  ANY large ‘Franchise Jewellers”  or for that matter ,  ANY Other shop that you know of????

YES ,  we are  “blowing our own trumpet”   But on some occasions ,  that Is fine to do ….. we believe that we provide a level of service that Very Few others do supply!

At approx;  12 inches / 30 cm’s in width ……. & such a stand out piece of decorative arts from a ‘simpler time’  ,   it is not only a beautiful & unique piece to decorate a room with …… it  is also ready to plug in , switch on  &  enjoy!

If you would like to purchase this extremely Rare Art Deco Chinoiserie Valve ~ Tube Radio Original & Working order  Or  ask any questions regarding purchasing …… please email for a prompt response.