Rare Australian Antique Cameo Gold Bangle


A Beautiful &  Rare Australian Antique Cameo Gold Bangle  in Mint condition. Of superior quality , this G.H.Palfrey of Melbourne gold bangle is an extremely rare piece of quality Australian Edwardian jewellery!


This is a Genuinely rare Australian Antique Cameo Gold Bangle by G.H.Palfrey and remains in amazing original condition!

It never ceases to amaze me how every now & then a piece comes to us that looks like it has never been used yet is 100 or more years old!     

Dating to c1913 , this Beautiful example of Cameo Jewellery was created by the sought after late 19thC  early 20thC Melbourne jeweller  ~  G.H.Palfrey of little Collins st.

Being very well made / designed ~  It has strength designed into the framing yet does not take the eye away from the Cameo ……. which is what this piece is all about.

NOTE;~  The Large size of the Truly Beautiful hardstone Cameo  ~  it Is a Large Cameo yet in perfect proportions  ……………..  with a brilliant colour!

Even more interesting   ~ is that this rare Australian Antique Cameo Gold Bangle  may well have a ‘ heartfelt and interesting history’.

On the inner band is beautifully engraved ‘Olive from Steve 22.1.14’    An Extremely important date in Global history!

Although it is now long lost , this Australian Gold antique bangle’s history    –  may well have been a heart felt gift from a fine young man called Steve – to his “intended” sweetheart Olive ~ before heading off to fight in the global disaster called world war one!

Reading between the lines , the inscription is void of an expression of love ………… perhaps young Steve  had ‘not made his move’  on Olive before enlisting “for the great adventure” ……..  prior to sailing off to the hell we call W.W.1  –  he declared his hand & purchased this superb 9ct Gold bangle from Mr.Palfrey Jeweller shop in January 1914 & gifted it to “intended sweetheart”  Olive.

Even though the above is by no means fact  ~  yet in all likelihood it is possible ~  If not  probable when one considers what was actually happening in Melbourne in 1913 & 1914!

As mentioned , the condition of this handsome & rare Australian Antique Cameo Gold Bangle , of 9ct Gold , is in mint condition.

Although this beautiful , rare Australian antique Cameo Gold Bangle  is of fine quality and condition  ~  with the added rarity of being an Australian Edwardian piece  , we have still managed to supply this at a genuinely good price of  au$2,675.

If you have any questions regarding this beautiful Australian 9ct Gold Cameo Bangle please email and we will respond on the same day.