Rare Important Australian 19thC Pietra Dure Demi Parure Sylla Denis


This Rare Important Australian 19thC Pietra Dure Demi Parure Sylla Denis is the Only Known Example recorded in Australia by Mr.Sylla Denis ,  one of Australia’s foremost 19thC jewellers!
*** ALL PRICES In AU$’s ***


To say that this Rare Important Australian 19thC Pietra Dure Demi Parure Sylla Denis is a rare piece of Australian antique jewellery is a major understatement!

******  AN IMPORTANT DISCOVERY OF EXTREMELY RARE 19thC AUSTRALIAN JEWELLERY   ~   IT IS AN AUSTRALIAN RECORD BREAKER ON SEVERAL FRONTS  &  BY ALL RIGHTS  ~  DESERVES TO BE IN AN AUSTRALIA’S MUSEUM  ***  THE ONLY KNOWN EXAMPLE OF SYLLA DENIS PIETRA DURA JEWELLERY TO EXIST ***  THE ONLY KNOWN EXAMPLE OF A AUSTRALIAN PIETRA DURA   ***  POSSIBLY THE EARLIEST KNOWN PIECE/S OF SYLLA DENIS JEWELLERY ,  {Note Sylla Denis ,   Not Denis jewellery >>>>  as I believe that this Exceptional Demi Parure was made by SYLLA DENIS ,   Prior to Victor joining him!!!        If my belief is correct ,  that will simply & at a Minimum ,  add 50%+ to the value of this exceptional jewel   ******

NOTE:~    the bright colours of the pietra dura ,    the change of surfaces , the change of gold colours &  change of textures & design styles such as ‘rope twist’ ,  the crown borders ,  the mirror flat patina  covered border surface in rose gold.       This piece has clearly been made by a superior jeweller with obvious skills for all to see & although , as expected ,  it has incurred  some imperfections over the course of the life of it’s 155 years approx;  it is of not of any major significance & awaits to be worn by the next fortunate owner.

This is a Large suite and I refer you to the image/s with the coins included ,  they will assist in giving you a good idea of the proportions of the demi parure.   The major piece ,  the pendant / brooch ,  is a seriously large piece {as the images show}  &  one of the few seen that is a seriously good size to wear as a pendant!!

After conducting research on this suite for some time ,  I can confidently state that this Demi Parure  or  3 piece earrings & pendant/brooch suite …… are the only known example in recorded Australian jeweller.  

This is an exceedingly rare & highly desirable suite of early Australian investment grade jewellery ,  made by one of Australia’s most revered & sought after 19thC  jeweller’s in Australian history.     
Although not priced as such.

A basic run down on the Sylla family of 19thC ‘Australian jewellers’.

With the patriarch Sylla Denis migrating to Australia from his homeland of France ,  in the early 1860’s  >>>>>> right in the middle of the Victorian Gold Rush.      Like so many able bodied men ,  and several disabled men as well ,  it didn’t take Sylla to long to hit the Victorian gold fields.

Realising that the gold was not lying on top of the ground to pick up at will ,  it wasn’t too long before Sylla Denis was heading east again back into a world more to his liking ,  called Melbourne.

Forever the entrepreneur ,  it wasn’t again too long before he realised that there was a more  regular & better known method of making money out of gold in 1860’s Melbourne Australia   ~   he returned to the workbench & started producing some of the finest jewellery that came out of 19thC Australia.

With near instant success ,  Sylla was promptly joined by his brother ,  Victor  & the business was then called Denis Bros.

The Denis brothers were eventually joined by another family member ,  in the form of their nephew ,  making it a real family business.

With their showrooms at 72-74 Bourke Street Melbourne , they quickly rose to the very top of Melbourne’s High society     making fine jewellery for Melbourne’s elite. They later entered trade fairs & the like ,  winning a first order of merit for gold and silver jewellery at the Melbourne International Exhibition in 1880.

PLEASE NOTE:!  1} The image of the man himself ,   Sylla Denis.  
2}  2 x ‘cropped half shots’ of a brooch that sold for au$6,100 in 2015 in Melbourne.    
Take note of the extremely basic design of the brooch , probably a custom order by a ‘miner’ returning from the gold fields & having a small nugget mounted onto a very basic 3 bar bar brooch for his sweetheart.

The nugget brooch in question , shown as one example of the prices Denis jewellery rightly obtains  ,   does not compare to the Rare Important Australian 19thC Pietra Dure Demi Parure Sylla Denis suite.

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