Rare Omega 1940’s 30T2 Roman Numeral 35mm Gents Classic Vintage Watch

A Genuinely Rare Omega 1940’s 30T2 Roman Numeral 35mm Gents Watch in near mint condition!   Appears to be even larger than its 35mm’s  ~  This is one Rare watch.
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Well isn’t this Rare Omega 1940’s 30T2 Roman Numeral 35mm Gents Classic Watch is definitely one out of the box!

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Appearing much larger than the considerable  35mm’s that the gauge states it is ,  this is one seriously stylish vintage Classic Omega  &  one seriously rare watch as well !

With this style of Roman numerals being the rarest / least used  that Omega produced  and   with another seriously rare feature being that each one was hand painted!!      Which goes a long way towards explaining why so few were made & why such an attractive form of dial decoration is so hard to find ,   not just in Oz  ~  but anywhere  ~  much more so in the fine condition that this one remains in.

Yet another most unusual feature to this watch is ,  apart from being 100% Original ,  is the  “countersunk markers”  for the odd markers!      Created by literally ,  using a machine drill via countersinking the markers into the dial prior to the surface being applied.

Very precise work indeed ,  yet we are talking Omega of course.      I cannot recall seeing the same method used on another watch brand apart from Omega’s second brand ,   Tissot   ~  though I would be surprised if at least a few companies did not  use the feature.

One thing I can recall is that very very few of this model watch ,   which was mainly if not only released in Europe ,   have survived in anywhere near the condition of this Rare Omega 1940’s 30T2 Roman Numeral 35mm Gents Watch has!      All that I have seen or viewed have clear deterioration to their dial surface ,   some more than others of course yet none as near mint as this remarkable watch.

If it was not for a Very minor {Much Less than the camera suggests when handled} mark near  3  , one would be 100% correct by calling the dial mint!      Not too bad for a early 1940’s white dial watch!!

Yet another unusual aspect or feature to this Genuinely Rare Omega 1940’s 30T2 Roman Numeral 35mm Gents Watch is that it is a calatrava case!      With the bezel ,  crystal  &  crown being removed to gain access the motor …………  and what a motor!

This exceptional example of an Omega 1940’s 30t2 Roman Numeral oversize watch really has got it all going for it!      In every respect ,   this cracker of a 70+ yr old 30T2  is the real deal  &  tick’s every single box that there is to tick!

This is the type of watch that will , in my opinion ,  continue to increase in both desirability & values.    With an expectation that superior examples of 1940’s & early 1950’s Omega & Rolex continuing to return similar  % ‘s  as both have done over several years.    I believe that superior quality &  ‘superior models’  of the above periods ,  will be more widely collected & sought with an ever decreasing supply of such watches ,   there is only one obvious direction that values & prices will move towards   ~   for certain watches!

One perhaps for the astute or experienced collector ,   these are the type of watch that will always be found within the best collections of vintage Omega’s.    This seriously Rare Omega 1940’s 30T2 Roman Numeral 35mm Gents Watch tick’s every single box that it possibly could.

The condition alone is exceptional!    The is a VERY slight blemish to the dial around the 3 mark  ~  But  let me Guarantee you that it is very near invisible when viewed in person!     The camera is making   “a kelpies kennel look like a 3 story house”.           On wrist it would take a sharp eyed 18 yr old with 20 / 20   to see anything that comes near resembling a mark on the dial.

The case is also near mint  &  what a stylish & handsome st.steel case this Omega  calatrava is!      Check the profile images & note the beautiful lines to the entire watch case ,   whilst remembering that it is a 35mm case.   The st.steel hands are mint & 100% original to the watch.    The oversized sub seconds dial looks fantastic  &  gives  great balance  &  aesthetic to the dial.

Fitted with a new army green Nato style strap to see what it looked like & it actually looks very good  &  with a slight green colourway to the Roman numerals ,   the strap blends well &  looks good together!      Although if the purchaser would prefer a leather strap fitted ,   that is easily arranged.

Watches of this period ,  early 1940’s ,  and especially of this exact model have seldom survived in the condition that this  Rare Omega 1940’s 30T2 Roman Numeral 35mm Gents Watch has.      So do not make the incorrect assumption that ww2 period watches are often found in the condition that this watch remains in.

Even more so with this exact model.    Having hand painted Roman numerals s it does ,   it is remarkable that this handsome watch has not lost a significant %  of its numerals  ~  as almost all that I have seen have.

Add to that the genuine rarity of the calatrava oversized case  &  it’s phenomenal  condition as well. Then add to that the fact that it houses the world’s best hand wind movement ever made {images to follow shortly}  &  is keeping amazing accuracy.    Then throw in the fact that the “hour markers”  in the form of the Hand Painted Roman numerals are the rarest that Omega ever made!

Then you are starting to understand the genuine rarity of the watch that you are currently viewing.

Even though many would expect this watch to be purchased by a “more advanced”  or  long standing collector  ……  there is absolutely no reason at all why this could not be purchased by someone simply wanting an extremely handsome watch with an obvious Classic vintage aesthetic to wear  & dress to  impress  on those special occasions!

Or  if the buyer works in the corporate or business world ,   there is no reason why this could not be a daily wearer …….. were a man’s style  or  lack of  ~  gets noticed  ~  this Uber handsome/Rare Vintage Omega will be right at home !

If you would like to ask any questions regarding this seriously Handsome & Rare Omega 1940’s 30T2 Roman Numeral 35mm Gents Watch please email for a prompt response.