Very Rare Vintage DOXA Ebony Malachite Uni Sex Watch


Such a Very Rare Vintage DOXA Ebony Malachite Uni Sex Watch this one is,
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A class act is this Very Rare Vintage DOXA Ebony Malachite Uni Sex Watch !

One of Doxa’s avante garde watches from the swinging sixties ,  though they made ‘avante garde designs in each decade of the 20thC pretty much.

This Very Rare Vintage DOXA Ebony Malachite Uni Sex Watch is one such watch.
Set with an eye catching and beautiful Malachite and ebony dial  ~  set on the quarter with fine inlaid ‘separators’ between each quarter ,  which helps distinguish the colour change from black to green ,  green to black!

At approx; 33mm’s  without the sapphire fitted crown ,  this watch will suit many men and pretty much all women at this size!

Watches vary as to ‘appearance of the size’ due to a few aspects ,  including bezels , dial colours & of course dial designs.

This particular watch for example ,  appears as a larger watch when it is on a wrist & will look great on most people’s wrist’s !!
The sapphire is likely simulated as most were on watch crowns ,  yet it really looks the goods on this watch!

This super rare vintage DOXA  Prima came from the one collection which we purchased recently ,  with some excellent watches in the collection.
Several different styles yet all fine watches.   Have a look at our other Doxa ,  if you have time!  {yep ,  pun intended]

Running strong and true while keeping good vintage time ,  this handsome watch is ready to strap onto your wrist and head off your the day.

This eye catching , classy Doxa Prima winder features Doxa’s logo to the case back ,  which they only started doing in the late 50’s or early 60’s  ~  which is where this stunner hails from  ~  the early 1960’s.

Every aspect has been “nailed” when designing this handsome Doxa   ~   With the new black leather strap being seperated from the inverted black onyx inlay by the gold case frame   ~   with the Malachite sections facing 9  and  3.

Something only those with solid design ability would “get right” ,  probably without thought ,  as second nature!
Either way it looks absolutely fantastic ,   especially when viewed in person !!

Make no mistakes about out it ,  watches with Malachite and Onyx dial’s are totally off the Richter scale of rare and a watch such as this stunner will always be wanted and as such is a solid investment as far as getting one’s money back in time to come   ~   which is always a desirable positive with anything that one buys in life ,  yet seldom happens!

Attractive pattern to the case top with the entire watch being superbly designed and made with style and quality obvious to see ,  even to the casual observer.

This fantastic vintage dress watch , as mentioned ,  will suit both men & ladies whilst being a daily wearer for the lady of the house  and  fine dress watch , or work attire ,  for the gent that is out to impress!

Yet another genuinely rare vintage watch of quality ,  being offered to the market a truly great price that “would not be beaten”  IF you could ever find another!

Please email to purchase or to ask any questions regarding this Stunning &  Very Rare Vintage DOXA Ebony Malachite Uni Sex Watch and we will respond promptly ,  usually on the same day.