Stunning Art Deco Marquise Shape Ruby Diamond 18ct Gold Ring

This Stunning Art Deco Marquise Shape Ruby Diamond 18ct Gold Ring is one of the very best of it’s type that I have ever handled or seen!   It is an exceptionally well made & truly Stunning Ruby & Diamond Art Deco Classic !!

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This Stunning Art Deco Marquise Shape Ruby Diamond 18ct Gold Ring is  ‘several cuts above’ most rings in this style & of this period ,  especially when the price is considered!


Made by a highly skilled jeweller ,  this amazing ring screams quality at the viewer  …….  much more so when viewed in person of course.

Apart from the superior skills of the jeweller ,  there has been a huge amount of time & effort gone into creating this technically difficult and Stunning Art Deco Marquise Shape Ruby Diamond 18ct Gold Ring !!

Even though the ‘general navette or marquise shape’ was used quite regularly throughout the 19thC and Art Deco periods   ~   this superior ring certainly is genuinely a unique design when all the details are considered!

If you are a ‘regular visitor’ to our website you may have heard the term  “Internet Trick Ring”  used.    Which applies to rings {items yet especially rings}  which can be photographed to appear as large or good size ring.
Usually done via the same techniques the the 3 current images above were taken with ….. being no background or a PC generated background & makes it near impossible to get any understanding of sizes or proportions!

Well I hear you ask ,  why are you using them??

We often use the images that our international suppliers send us from which we make our decision/s whether to purchase or not.   As we are always keen to show our new acquisitions with our regular visitors ASAP  ~  we will use ‘their pics’ until we take our own photographs to upload.
As soon as we are able to ,  we will be replacing these with our own photographs which will provide you with an excellent understanding of all aspects of this stunning ring!

Back to this Stunning Art Deco Marquise Shape Ruby Diamond 18ct Gold Ring   ~   with the diamonds and natural rubies being set in white gold to accentuate the gemstones & also provide the best possible colour contrast to the gems.

As mentioned ,  the size of a piece also reflects on the quality of the piece ,  with the dimensions of this stunner being  22 mm’s in length x 9 mm’s width   ~   while weight is also or at least can be a factor in assessing quality  ~  there are certainly no disappointments with the  4.8 grams that this ring weighs!

Also having a ‘good finger size’ of  “M.5” in Australian sizing  or  “6.5”  in U.S. sizing.  The ring can be re-sized if required ,  yet in saying that …..

I always recommend that all antique / quality vintage jewellery should be taken to a manufacturing jeweller at least ,  not a franchise jeweller.    It is always far better , as well as far cheaper ,  to have a quality piece of antique jewellery worked on by a skillful manufacturing jeweller that you are able to discuss the job with in person ,  than to take the piece to a franchise jewellers who do not make jewellery at all and will pass it onto ‘jeweller A’  and charge you twice the fee.

Note the exceptional design!   The unusual design features both diamonds and rubies set into the ridge of the shoulders and also the side of the band!!   A fantastic design feature to a fantastic ring ,  with full details added shortly!

Gem sizes / carat weights added shortly as will much better photographs shortly ,  which will give you a much better insight into the quality and beauty of this superb and Stunning Art Deco Marquise Shape Ruby Diamond 18ct Gold Ring .

Yet feel free to ask any questions that you may whenever suits you best.

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