Stunning French Mid 20thC Vintage 1.60ct Diamond 18ct Gold Brooch


This Stunning French Mid 20thC Vintage 1.60ct Diamond 18ct Gold Brooch is in the style of Cartier yet are unable to identify the makers mark.
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A Stunning French Mid 20thC Vintage 1.60ct Diamond 18ct Gold Brooch of superb quality.

Coming from the same collection as the French bird of paradise ruby diamond and sapphire brooch , French Cameroon 18ct 50 gram bangle ,  22ct diamond and sapphire brooch etc.

All fine and interesting pieces ,  purchased throughout the last quarter of the 19thC and first 50 years of the 20thC in Paris ….. with the exception of the amazing bangle mentioned above and all have the been made by the same Parisian jeweller ,  apart from the bangle.

After many hours of trying to identify the French makers marks ………. we are not pleased to mention that we are no closer to identifying the high grade Parisian jeweller that created this jewel than when we started ,  several works prior to writing this.

If by chance any readers may know the maker and can positively identify it ,  a “small reward” is on offer  ~  so if you know of a French jeweller which used a cross of Lorraine preceded by an  “A”  with what appears an  “E” or “F” after the cross ………. we would greatly appreciate hearing from you!
French 18ct eagles head mark and dogs head platinum mark are also present.

Of the highest quality ,  this Stunning French Mid 20thC Vintage 1.60ct Diamond 18ct Gold Brooch screams quality at a glance ….. with the est;  1.60 ct’s of bright clean diamonds to the leaves of the frond and a further  .10c’ts of platinum set diamonds to the bow  ~  this beautiful piece will catch any available light and shine like a fine jewel..

The largest diamond is  .40ct with the other frond set gems making up the 1.60 ct’s + a further  .10ct’s as mentioned above providing a total of approx;  1.70 ct’s.
The significant size of the brooch makes it difficult in the photos to assess the diamond sizes , yet they cover a significant amount of area and as mentioned ,  the largest gem is a good  .40ct in size!  

This stunning French mid 20thC Vintage 1.60ct Diamond 18ct Gold Brooch is a very substantial piece with a length of approx;  70mm’s and weight of 18.3 grams!
Solid gold pin/clip ,  as per French jewellery of the period ,  unlike UK / US made jewellery.

The large brooch has a fine polished gold finish to the entirety of this gold piece and the gold and the diamonds compete to catch the viewer’s eye and dazzle with it’s beauty.

With equal quality early to mid 20thC French brooches made by any of the top or near top tier jewellers ,  selling in the ten of thousands of au$’s  when set with 1.60 +cts of diamonds ……… you may understand why we are ‘so disappointed’ to have not been able to identity the maker ,  as yet.

A complex yet subtle design , this jewel needs to be viewed in person to fully appreciate the complexity and beauty of the design.

If you have any interest in this stunning French mid 20thC Vintage 1.60ct Diamond 18ct gold brooch we suggest that you take the time to compare this piece to any genuinely equal quality ,  French vintage diamond brooch of around the same carat  weight , size , age and quality with the website called istdibs having a fantastic range of similar brooches of the period.

Please email with any questions and we will respond ASAP.