Super Rare Bucherer Divers Chronograph 660ft Valjoux 23 1970

Super Rare Bucherer Divers Chronograph 660ft Valjoux 23 1970 at around au$2,000+ under market value.
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This Super Rare Bucherer Divers Chronograph 660ft Valjoux 23 dates to 1970 and is one seriously rare model.

*** No Longer Available ***

A genuine professional deep sea divers chronograph individually tested at 20 atmos / 660 feet under the deep blue.

Powered by the top end Valjoux 23 9 tooth column wheel , with long play 45 minute recording capability , which remains in absolute mint condition ……. after some 50 years.
One of the very best top end Swiss movements used in 60s/70;s divers chronographs!
Further images added when the watch returns from being professionally serviced ,  after which the watch will be sold with our complimentary warranty.

At 38m wooc ….. this super rare Bucherer Divers Chronograph 660ft Valjoux 23 1970 is right in the sweet spot for many collectors of vintage watches.

Super strong solid stainless steel case with round pushers and watch details imprinted to the case back with a ‘scuba diver with aqualung’ and fish.

The finely detailed black “reverse panda” dial in fine original condition.

Bucherer were one of Europe’s if not the world’s leading purveyors of top end watches and jewellery.
They had close knit relationships with most of the top end Swiss watch manufacturer ,  including Rolex , Gallet , Omega , Patek Philippe etc.

Providing top tier watches to Europe’s elite for decades ,  and with this Super Rare Bucherer Divers Chronograph 660ft Valjoux 23 1970 being sourced from one of our close contacts in Italy  ………….. the original home of vintage wristwatch collecting ,  it is fresh to market and never offered for sale since new!

Bucherer watches changed ownership in the late 1980s or early 1990s and produce fine watches , up to au$45,000+ ….. yet are far less sought after than many true vintage watches ….. more so the amazingly few 1970s Bucherer divers chronographs made!

All orginal ,  from the bi-rotational bezel to the detailed dial, round puchers and snub nose hands and chrono hands.
With the above mentioned brand names often supplying their finer watches to Bucherer under their own brand name , Bucherer ,  leaving their own Swiiss branding off the watch ……. goes to highlight the standing of the Bucherer name throughout Europe in the 19thC and first 80 years of the 20thC.

Being sold at a seriously good price and we encourage price comparisons ,  even though you will struggle to find one other of this Super Rare Bucherer Divers Chronograph 660ft Valjoux 23 1970 
A genuine investors special and is a certainty to appreciate above our selling price!!

New leather strap fitted  ~  yet another style may appeal more.
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