Super Rare c1930s Original Bug Eye Girard Perregaux Monopusher Chronograph


What a Super Rare c1930s Original Bug Eye Girard Perregaux Monopusher Chronograph this handsome watch is! .Beautiful & truly rare colourway to the dial & all original..


This super Rare c1930s Original Bug Eye Girard Perregaux Monopusher Chronograph is another seriously rare , very early and attractive chronograph of top tier quality.

With this stunner dating to c1930  and having been made by one of the world’s oldest watch companies still in production   ~   with any company  in any industry at all ,  starting business in 1791 and still continuing into the 21stC  …..  there should be no need to ask whether they made quality items!

To add to the already serious rarity of this handsome watch ,  the price includes the original 1930s Girard Perregaugx watch box that this rarity was first sold in.
Seldom seen from a wristwatch that is c88 years of age!

Featuring a telemeter outer chapter in red with a appealing inner ‘snail trail’ tachymeter in blue ……. adding a desirable feature of both telemeter & tachymeter to this early wrist chronograph.
The original salmon colour dial is the only example seen and looks amazing when viewed in person.

Not easy to photograph as ‘deadly accurate’ in regards to colour & script visibility ,  with the script being stronger to the eye than most images suggest.

Known & highly respected throughout the watch world for over 220 years ,  be it the contemporary or vintage watch world ,  GIRARD PERREGAUX  have been one of the world’s leading innovators within the clock and watch world for over 220  years ……………. far longer than Rolex and Omega and actually pre date Rolex by over 100 years of experience.

Not that experience is everything ,  yet in Swiss watchmaking  ~  it means a great deal.

Girard Perregaux holds a surprising number of patents , which testify their strong orientation towards innovative and creative solutions in watchmaking.
Some of them are well-known (like the patented Three Gold Bridges layout of the Tourbillon movements) some remain relatively unknown.

Otto Graef who was CEO of the Graef Group ,  owner of GP & of course MIMO some decades ago.
With Graef’s background as a manufacturer of watch cases in the highest degree {& WM} , it is probably no surprise to see creative thinking included innovative watch cases , among many other stunning details in watchmaking.

Some think that Breitling’s Navitimer was the first of this kind  ~  yet that is not the case {pun intended}.
With Breitling’s patent being filed on the 8th of April ,  1942 and  Girard Perregaugx’s patent being first filed on the 27th of July 1940   ~  there is simply no dispute regarding which Swiss company patented the  ‘slide rule wristwatch with rotating bezel ‘  before which company ……. being a Huge breakthrough in calculations possible using chronograph wristwatches.

With the MImo Logo {Girard Perregaugx’s trade name which they used in Europe} now being one of the most sought after watches of this period & type in the 21stC ,   this Super Rare c1930s Original Bug Eye Girard Perregaux Monopusher Chronograph is certainly a serious collectors piece and one that you will not see again anytime soon!

The “bug eyes”  or oversize registers always look great yet on this watch with it’s handsome colourway ,  they look even more amazing than they do on many watches.
The monopusher is solid brass ,  the brass colour is not wear from ‘the chrome being worn off’ ………. it is an intended colour contrast and a stylish touch as well.

This handsome and super Rare c1930s original bug eye Girard Perregaux monopusher chronograph is a genuinely superb example and one that no buyer could ever be disappointed with!

The watch has a GP signed st.steel buckle to the new black band ,  though the buckle is vintage ,  it is not from the same date.
Although the attractive lavender coloured GP box is original to the watch and can been found for sale / sold at around au$300+.

Powered by a clean Valjoux 22 ,  which is signed by GP   & running beautifully with all functions operating as they should ,  this 36m eye catcher is guaranteed to present far better in person than the “poor” current images may suggest to some.  {updated soon}

Priced to be highly competitive on the international market ,  you will not find too many , if any ,  1930 Girard Perregaugx monopusher chrono’s that remain in such amazing original condition! 

Please email with any questions that you may have & we will respond ASAP.
Yet before doing so ,  we encourage you to compare this super rare c1930s original bug eye Girard Perregaux monopusher chronograph to any genuinely equal chronograph of this age & of course maker ,  that you may find  internationally or locally.

As we are very confident that you will not find a better example which has warranty , is guaranteed to be as stated ….. at this price and condition ,  anywhere.