Super Rare Omega 420Cal Anti Magnetic Cover 14ct Gold Case


This Super Rare  Omega 420Cal;  With Anti Magnetic Cover 14ct Gold Case is one handsome ,  fine quality & rare vintage watch!    Yet Another Genuine Museum Grade Rare Early 1950’s Omega unearthed by  Hobart Town!


This Super Rare Omega 420Cal Anti Magnetic Cover 14ct Gold Case is not only a stunningly handsome watch ……..  it is also a genuinely rare vintage watch  &  with a 100% guaranteed description as well!

Yet let me assure you from the  ‘get go’    ~   This Is one rare & handsome watch ,  without a doubt!

This Bespoke &  100% Original 14ct gold gents vintage Omega belongs in the reference books & perhaps an “unmentioned”  predecessor to the famous  Railmaster with it’s anti magnetic case yet Cal; 420 movement ??,   Was this is very small prototype release …….  some 6 or so years Before the Railmaster  ~ a prototype??!  Or a totally unrelated model?  One thing is for sure ,  I can’t find any the same!!

Truly Beautiful & Super Rare Omega 420Cal Anti Magnetic Cover 14ct Gold Case , Swiss made by  CR Spillmann SA  ,   who also made cases for Rolex &  I think  were eventually  purchased  by Rolex.
The handsome solid 14ct gold case adds a truly eye catching contrast to the Jet Black dial  &  solid gold hands  and adds a fantastic aesthetic to this Amazing & genuinely Rare early 1950’s Gents   Ω   14ct gold  Classic.  

This is a seriously rare watch and I have not been able to locate one other the same ,  not one!
I did locate a white dial yet same model with 420 movement with ‘ratty over damaged worthless dial’ yet there was nothing ‘to take from it’.
Yet I have never been able to locate one black dial Cal;420 14ct gold with  cuvette / inner / anti magnetic case/shield  ~  not one.
Not having the ‘standard’ Omega Ref; # to the inner case back  ~  makes things very difficult to source other’s of this precise model.

Being sold at a genuinely good price when all aspects are given due consideration and a watch that would be in the aud$4,000 to $6,500 range by most ‘vintage watch galleries’ both abroad & within Oz.
This is not “just a stunning 14ct rose gold 1950 Omega in mint condition”  …………  this is an extremely rare model & if you have an interest in this stunner …………  spend an hour searching for One other!!

Omega made a few watches of this general period , yet again I have never found this model with original “jet black” dial , 14ct swiss case , 420 movement {in house Omega} with the cuvette.

This stunner is 100%  Original ,  Dial included of course!
The very solid , 14ct gold case ,  is in truly fine condition  ~  even more so when it’s age is considered!

Note how think / deep the case back is & also just how MINT the condition of the stunning gold plated 420 movement is!!
You will Never see 65 – 70 year old watch movement in better condition than this stunning 420   ~   as it is impossible to be in any better condition {age related} tha this one!!

Gold hands & seconds sweep …… this handsome Super Rare Omega 420Cal; Anti Magnetic Cover 14ct Gold Case is not just a rare watch it also has a beautifully shaped rose gold case ,  with this exact  case design {Spillman}  being very rarely seen in gold especially.
With this being an authentic Swiss made solid gold case ,  it should appeal to  “the purists”  more so the U.S.A.  made cases.

The entire watch is as it was made  ,   running beautifully {after being fully serviced}  ~  comes to you with our Free 6 months  ‘peace of mind’  warranty.

I can almost guarantee you that you will not find another Omega the same as this ,  not identical model ,  dial colour etc.

A Genuine investment graded watch , due to both the rarity {especially} and amazing condition of the movement, dial case etc  and we have no hesitation in committing to our statement that this watch is a seriously rare fine quality investment grade watch!

View the 18 or so images of this Omega 420Cal; Anti Magnetic Cover 14ct Gold Case that we have provided to assist you in forming a detailed understanding of every aspect of this stunning vintage watch …………………  then >>>

If you would like to own this “Handsome As” Super Rare Omega 420Cal; Anti Magnetic Cover 14ct Gold Case Gents  33 mm  w.o.c. /  36mm w.c.  OR  if you would like to ask any questions   ~    Please email for a prompt response.