Super Rare & Outstanding Antique 9ct Gold Maori Tiki


This Super Rare & Outstanding Antique 9ct Gold Maori Tiki is a truly gorgeous piece!
Very tactile , extremely attractive ,  very well made  & the only one ever seen or heard of!

*** ALL PRICES In Au$’s ***


This Super Rare & Outstanding Antique 9ct Gold Maori Tiki  is certainly one out of the box!

You definitely do not need to be from the land of the long white cloud to be an admirer of this amazing antique pendant !!

It was near love at first sight , when I first saw this little guy!   Amazing attention to detail ,  solid gold and good weight ,  and  what i refer to as ‘goldie locks size’   ~   being not too large ,  not too small but just right size for either male or female to wear.

At approx;  40 mms  and  5.65 grams , as mentioned above … the weight is spot on ,  as is the size and every other aspect of this adorable little guy!

Note the amazing attention to detail via the amulet,  tattooed face , relief in form , amazing coloured eyes , spot on expression & overall proportions   ~   this is about as good a tiki as you will ever see!     It is the very best , of any material ,  that I have ever encountered!!
Two dimensional decoration plays a significant role in the Tiki’s  charm & beauty as well as adding visual depth to the piece.

Extremely rare in gold ,  with this being the only gold example that I have ever seen & the same applies to other long standing dealers or collectors that I have discussed the piece with.
One can even compare this handsome Tiki to other antique solid gold pendants of this size / weight / charm   ~   it will be hard to buy better in general  ~  at $890.

Clearly making this Super Rare & Outstanding Antique 9ct Gold Maori Tiki a genuinely rare antique pendant & a dead set no brainer as a low cost investment in antique jewellery!
Dating to around the turn of the previous century ,  c1900 ,  I suggest that you try to see how many 9ct gold antique Tiki’s that you can find on the internet ,   or anywhere else for that matter!

I doubt that you will find too many   ~   if any at all ,  hopefully bringing home the fact that this Super Rare & Outstanding Antique 9ct Gold Maori Tiki is a seriously rare piece & above that fact  >>>>>>>>>>  it is one super cute ,  if not beautiful antique gold Tiki pendant and a ‘must have’ for collectors of antique Tiki’s or New Zealand memorabilia  ~  or simply as an beautiful antique gold collectable pendant with great charm and character!

Like 99% of the stock in trade at Hobart Town Antique Jewellery  >>>>>>>> this little guy offers excellent value for money at  au$890 and I would suggest that if you have any interest in this  Super Rare & Outstanding Antique 9ct Gold Maori Tiki ,  that you ask them via email and expect a prompt response.