Superb 1.10ct F v vs2 Diamond Ring


Superb 1.10ct F v v2 Diamond Ring     ~~        ***  Sorry  ,  Now  Sold  ***

Amazing Quality 18ct White Gold & 1.10ct Diamond ring!   Current  Insurance valuation =  au$23,000.     Current Valuation  RETAIL Cost  au$17,740

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What an Exceptional & Truly  Superb 1.10ct F v vs2 Diamond Ring   ~~

 ***** Sorry  ,  Now  Sold  *****

It is an actual Antique Diamond , cut & mounted in the Early 20thC ~ c1900 ~ 1910  ~  Then  since has been re-mounted into another  18ct white gold ring.

The History / Provenance is Very interesting as well & will be told to the purchaser of this Outstanding  1.10 ct Diamond Ring , prior to purchase!

This Simply Superb Diamond Ring  is Graded by two {2} different companies & comes with  two {2} Current & Totally Independent valuations

A}  Stone Title  ~   Natural earth mined Diamond.

B}  Cut / Mount ~ Brilliant cut , Solitaire Diamond Ring

C}  Other pertinent Factors …….  Metal =  18ct White gold:  Total wght of Ring  = approx; 3.42 gm’s

D}  Grading of ring ,  Colour = F.    ClarityV VS2

E}  Condition , Excellent , with No condition issues

The Current Valuations , Both conducted in 2014 ,  State the following …………..

Valuation 1} states that the ring is Currently Valued for Insurance  @  au$23,000

Valuation 2} states that the ring Currently has a RETAIL Replacement Value of  au$17,700+.

The latter valuation  , Obviously ,  is Solely in respect to it’s CURRENT RETAIL VALUE ………. I.E.  What You can expect tp pay for this ring in a retail environment , as opposed to the higher  ‘Insurance value’  of au$23k.  Which  takes into account the time & effort to find another ‘item’  of the same & equal value/quality   ~   Hence a $6,200 difference in valuations.

At  Hobart Town Antique Jewellery  ….  We Really do not like to charge our clientele Full price  for anything  …………. so  we have gone against the diamond experts advice & am offering this EXCEPTIONAL  Antique Diamond  @ Over au$3,000 BELOW It’s Current Retail Value  &  are selling this Fine Clean & Clear Diamond ring for  au$13,950

Of course , one can purchase a  1.10ct diamond ring for considerably Less than this Amazing ring ………….. BUT as most know ……. you Must compare  “apples to apples” ………….. The Grading of this Spectacular Ring places it amongst  the  Most Desirable that You  Find Anywhere in the world!

Are YOU Fortunate enough  to be getting engaged to a Remarkably  Special Woman …….. One Which Truly Deserves the Highest Quality Engagement Ring affordable , something that is Almost as Special as she is & will not Only last her & your lifetime …….  But can be passed on from Mother to daughter , years into the future   ~~   One that will Not Only make her feel Special every Single time she glances down at it upon her hand …… But one that will forever more be a “compliment magnet”  &  attract Untold & Ongoing compliments.

OR Perhaps , you were unable to afford such a Magnificent Earth minded Diamond ring when you first asked your beautiful wife to marry you  ………. all those years ago …………. BUT Now , things have changed ……. &  You are able to express your love & gratitude for the years of love & devotion already spent together through such a Magnificent Diamond Ring …… Well let me assure you Gentlemen ……. NO material item can Express your Love & appreciation as a 1.10ct near flawless Diamond can!!

Pieces of this standard , quality & enduring beauty & Value …….. are Never  regraded as  “out of date”  etc ………… & I can Guarantee you  … this Is  One Diamond Ring that ANY & ALL Daughters Will want passed down the family lineage!     Of that there is NO doubt!     Settings & mounts can always be changed   ~   The Gem is the Beauty!

If we can be of further assistance regarding this  Superb  1.10ct  F v v2 Diamond Ring  Or If you simply have a question or two to ask , please feel welcomed to either email  Or call for a confidential discussion.