Superb 4.05ct Natural Tanzanite Diamond 18ct White Gold Ring


Superb 4.05ct Natural Tanzanite Diamond 18ct White Gold Ring featuring an amazing 2.7ct natural violet blue Tanzanite !
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W0W   ~   What a Stunning & Superb 4.05ct Natural Tanzanite Diamond 18ct White Gold Ring this cracking contemporary ring is!

Featuring one of the world’s rarest contemporary gemstones ,  if not the rarest   ~   Tanzanite ,  from the hills of Tanzania !

With an equally amazing story behind the first gemstone to be added to the official birthstone list since 1912 ,  Tanzanite was only recently discovered , in relative terms.
First discovered in 1967 in the Tanzania Hills , not far from Mt.Kilimanjaro ,  they are now banned from being mined by the current Government.    That may change at any stage , being political , yet it may not also.   Making the any future supply of these incredible gemstones a total unknown and as such can only effect the values of Tanzanites in a northerly direction.

This stunning 2.7ct Tanzanite is surrounded by 1.35ct’s of clean & very bright diamonds ,  of both baguette and round brilliant cuts of G – H ,  VS   ~   all housed within in beautifully designed & constructed 18ct white gold ring.

Weighing an impressive 5.7 grams and currently being a UK or Oz size  “M” but due to the space under , it will probably wear like a  M.5 or  N  even  ~  there is No issue with resizing this ring to the size you require.

Bought in the U.S. at the beginning of this year ,  worn to one formal event.  Sold to us 3 months later!!    Refer to image of ring/gemstone grading.

This stunningly beautiful ring is approx;  au$2,500  to $4,050 LESS Than You will pay for this amazing piece in pretty much Any Capital City shop in Oz !!    Doubt those numbers ??    Use google & our heading , add a cit’s name at the end of it and compare Apples to Apples ,  I.E. equal to equal.

It is a significant size ring as far as finger coverage & may not suit a lady with a very small hand.

I have no doubt that you will not find a Superb 4.05ct Natural Tanzanite Diamond 18ct White Gold Ring that compares to this ring  @  this price!

This is seriously good value  &  a seriously stunning ring!

Any questions    ~    are best asked promptly and via email  and  expect a same day response!    Yet on this one ,   I would not be hanging back too long!!


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