Superb Art Deco Guilloche Enamel Bronze Ivory Hand Mirror

Amazing & Superb Art Deco Guilloche Enamel Bronze Ivory Hand Mirror & an ideal display piece!  Authentic Art Deco guilloche enamel , solid bronze , Ivory , black enamel and original looking glass.
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I could not buy this Superb Art Deco Guilloche Enamel Bronze Ivory Hand Mirror quick enough when offered to me!   ***** Sorry , Now Sold  *****

Such an exceptional & amazingly handsome piece of Art Deco!

One could only imagine the house that this piece was initially purchased for!     One did not buy a piece like this and take it home to a 1930’s 3 bedroom timber house.

More than likely a top shelf New York , Paris or Austrian penthouse apartment ,  adorned with the most exquisite art deco furniture , furnishings & decorative arts.     With this exceptional dressing table mirror being  ‘100% at home’  amongst the finest of the finest  ~  that the absolutely amazing art deco period  ~  had to offer the wealthiest of the wealthy.

Yes ,  this piece rates that highly.   For ‘what it is’   ~   you will not find too many better , anywhere ,  unless it is jewel adorned.   Yes ,  this piece rates that highly.

Fine engine turning lays behind the exhaustive enamelling.  Beautifully framed in worked bronze with a black enamel border.

Apart from using this stunningly beautiful hand mirror as intended ,  whilst “at the dressing table”  or whilst dressing   ~   due to the considerable size ,  this may well be used on display in a ‘common room’ in one’s house ,  whilst not being used in the bedroom.    Options ,  are always a good thing.

A beautifully depicted bronze cherubs head & face greets the owner when the beautiful back is presented.   An amazing pattern , reminiscent of the just ended art nouveau style , graces the the surrounds of the cherub & is accentuated by the contrasting black and white enameling of the complicated scroll work decoration!

The same & similar black enamelled pattern applies to the finely worked collar joining the mirror head & the beautifully hand turned antique ivory handle.     Accentuating the colour , texture , material & total difference between above and below the collar.

This Superb Art Deco Guilloche Enamel Bronze Ivory Hand Mirror is of substantial size and by no means small in anyway.      Standing at a full 9.5 inches tall  or  24.13 cm’s  x  3 inches wide  or’s   ~   as mentioned ,  this is of very significant size & there is absolutely no reason why this exceptional art deco mirror cannot be used whenever need be!

An extremely tactile piece ,  it is near impossible not to pick it up whenever the eyes meet this handsome piece   ~   it simply draws the hands towards it though iron to a magnet   ~   an automatic response.

Further images / close up’s added shortly ,  yet as we were keen to share this exceptional piece with our regular visitors  ~  we have used what images we had already.

The guilloche enamel is extremely fine in quality , pattern & condition  &  without any doubt what so ever ,  the fine engine turning to the guilloche work & the entire enamelling contributes significantly to making this Superb Art Deco Guilloche Enamel Bronze Ivory Hand Mirror sit on the very top shelf of it’s genre   ~   and would “hold it’s own”  in any shop , in any city ,  in any country in the world!    Yes ,  the piece rates that highly!

With this Superb Art Deco Guilloche Enamel Bronze Ivory Hand Mirror being yet another fine , rare & unusual  piece that is being offered to the market at a price that is well below what you would pay for this in pretty much any shop , in any other Capital City in Oz    ~   though not at  Hobart Town    ~   Hobart Town Antique Jewellery & Vintage Watches!

Where our prices are often , though not always ,  the Best in the country  and  we strongly suggest to all customers or potential customers to compare Any item of ours that you may be interested in  ~  to any that you may find in any other Capital City in Oz.     Though I would not hold my breath on finding another like this one anytime soon.

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