Art Deco Mappin & Webb Guilloche Enamel Jade Marcasite Case

This Superb Art Deco Mappin & Webb Guilloche Enamel Jade & Marcasite Case is an amazing piece! 
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This Superb Art Deco Mappin & Webb Guilloche Enamel Jade Marcasite Case is a Classic Art Deco piece  &  so indicative of it’s era in so many ways & such a stunning piece to handle!

** No Longer Available **

An absolutely stunning piece when viewed & handled in person ,  this is one piece that if you like it in photo’s ………….. you will be  ‘bowled over’  when viewed  &  handled in person!

You will find the same carved jade with a basic gold frame in the form of a brooch or pendant ,  from the same date ,  selling for aud$1,500 ~ $2,000 & above.

This jewel crowned Mappin & Webb beautifully enameled case  is a rare & highly collectible “Art Deco Black & White Enameled”  case being offered at a seriously good price!!
It remains in excellent condition throughout with the enamel top being especially fine & beautiful.

Is this Art Deco Mappin & Webb Guilloche Enamel Jade Marcasite Case Rare ??
Try & find One more ,  just one!

Being one of the most collected genres’ of  ‘small items’   ~   Fine enamel work is one of the most beautiful crafts known to mankind ,   in my opinion at least.

With this current listing being a ‘teaser only’  ~  with more details ,  & of course images ,   added to the listing shortly  ~  I was keen to share this exceptional piece of art deco decorative arts  with all of our regular visitors ASAP.

Featuring a jet black surrounds covered with a translucent enamel ,  with a superbly patterned engine turned guilloche enamel lid ,   centered with a quality hand carved Chinese jade medallion with marcasite highlights!      A thing of true beauty  &  a fine example of mankind’s ingenuity & quest to create beautiful , complicated  &  challenging treasures.

Keenly & widely sought , though on only five continents ,  almost all ‘small cases’  decorated in fine enamel work with gemstones & similar ,  are not only one of the most popular areas / genres’ of collecting   ~   they can be some of the most amazingly beautiful ‘small items’  made within the last 300 years!

In saying  ‘small cases’  ,  I refer to pretty much all small cases , from lady’s compacts & lipstick cases to cigarette cases , card cases  &  basically any such case for any use at all ………….. you name  ~  it was made in fine enamel work ,  as long as it was a  ‘small case or box’.

At just under 40 cm’s in width ,  this  Rare  &  Superb Art Deco Mappin & Webb Guilloche Enamel Jade Marcasite Case is a standout collectors piece  &  remains in excellent condition.

This Mappin & Webb Guilloche Enamel Jade & Marcasite Case ,  dating to 1933 from Birmingham  is nothing short of outstanding!

Mappin & Webb were both makers & retailers of ultra fine quality English boxes & many forms of what are now referred to as decorative art’s.
On the same or similar page to Asprey’s of London ,  Tiffany’s of New York {although the latter did not made items yet acted as suppliers to the rich & famous & infamous} with the only difference between this piece and those made by Mappin & Webb for Aspreys &/Or Tiffany is that those examples will bare the retailers name ,  as well as Mappins of course.
Meaning ,  no difference what so ever in quality!

Someone hard to buy for ??
This stunning piece can be used for ‘calling cards’ / business cards  Or any smallish items that need to be kept together safely & of course  ~  stylishly ,  yet I see this piece as a table snuff box ………….. to impress even the most discerning visitor!!

Being sold at a genuinely good price and at price that stands alone when compared to truly equal pieces from the same company.

If you would like to ask any questions regarding this exceptional , rare & tactile Art Deco Mappin & Webb Guilloche Enamel Jade Marcasite Case   ,  please email for a prompt response.