Superb Art Deco Sapphire & Diamond 14ct Gold Ring c1930


Simply Outstanding & Superb Art Deco Sapphire & Diamond 14ct Gold Ring c1930’s  ~  a stunning and rarely seen ring design.
*** ALL PRICES In AU$’s ***


What a truly Spectacular & Superb Art Deco Sapphire & Diamond 14ct Gold Ring c1930 this  1.06tcw+ is an absolute stunning ring and a genuine art deco piece.

With such a beautiful colour to the well cut , earth mined Ceylonese Sapphire & at au$4,660   ~   one lucky lady will be very pleased indeed with this ring! {*just ~ in comparison to what other outlets will charge for this stunning ring}
Without any exaggeration whatsoever ,  you will see considerably lesser rings selling for between au$6k to $8k.

Every single aspect about this beautiful Authentic Art Deco ring is spot on!    

The design & shape of the ring is of course the obvious starting point.   
Designed in a stylised bow ,  the size & proportions are spot on ,  with details noted below.  
This is one of the most eye catching , yet not ostentatious at all , top quality and authentic art deco rings that you could find at less than au$5,000.

This Superb Art Deco Sapphire & Diamond 14ct Gold Ring c1930’s  screams quality to the viewer & the cornflower blue of the Ceylonese Sapphire is nothing short of exceptional.

With such a quality gem ,  one ‘can see into’ the gem & actually see the fine angles of the cutting visible through from the rear!   As You can see in the numerous photographs that we have uploaded to give you a “better than in the hand”   view of this fine quality genuine Art Deco Classic!

At approx;  21 x 11 mms  {a perfect length}  ~  6.5 grams in weight  ~  a size   “R.5”  R and a half  Oz size  or  U.S. size 9.25  ~  this superb Art Deco Sapphire & Diamond 14ct Gold Ring c1930 is a largish finger size ring with the good news being that it can be re-sized ,  up or down.

With the Bespoke Ceylon Sapphire at approx;  5.10  x  7.10 mm’s. it is a great size & an extremely well cut oval faceted sapphire for the design & size of this ring.

With an amazing colour to the natural  .81ct  Ceylon Sapphire  ~ elevating this exceptional authentic Deco ring above the vast majority on the market today  >>>> Just on that point alone  ~  without any other factors such as the design , brilliant white diamonds etc etc.    
With an estimated  .25tcw of brilliantly white pave set diamonds ,  providing an est;*  total carat weight of brilliant white diamonds & exceptional Ceylonese Sapphire of  1.06cts.  ** Although the total carat weight may be slightly higher ,  as we were conservative when accessing.

We Always encourage all interested parties to compare the price & the item itself to any that you can find that is of a genuinely comparable nature ,  in any Capital City shop in Oz   ~   On the vast majority of examples we will be not only lower priced  ~  we will quite often be considerably lower priced!

The amazing genuine Ceylon Sapphire being an approx;   .81ct of natural earth mined Beautiful Blue Ceylonese sapphire  and  of  excellent light shade of dark blue colour , excellent clarity & being extremely well cut.

With an estimated  further   .25cts of bright & clean diamonds set within the  ‘Just discovered’  white gold setting ,  rounding out the natural earth mined gemstone total carat weight of approx;   1.06cts of Ceylonese Sapphire & Bright White Diamonds.

Strong , clean & crisp  the entire 85/90 year old ring is in fine condition in every aspect  ~   which is one of the benefits of owning genuine quality jewellery.   

If you have any questions that you would like to ask about this bespoke Art Deco Sapphire & Diamond ring please email.