Superb Art Nouveau Coral Cameo 14ct Gold Ring


A Superb Art Nouveau Coral Cameo 14ct Gold Ring  in excellent original condition , c1900 and totally hand made.
*** ALL PRICES In Au$’s ***


What a Truly Classic & Superb Art Nouveau Coral Cameo 14ct Gold Ring  in outstanding original condition.

This is a genuine art nouveau classic coral & 14ct gold  hand made rustic ring.   This handsomely Rustic  {rustic in the “European sense”}  ,  of the earth , natural ~ from nature   ~  made using gold from the earth & coral from the ocean  ~  brought together & fashioned by mans hand ~ no machines!

As the old adage goes  …………… beauty is surely in the eye of the beholder   ~   and to my eye ,  this is an exceptional & rare piece of  hand made Italian Art Nouveau jewellery  c1895  that it at least equal to almost all that I have seen in this genre!     

Bearing a “star A”  makers mark ,   it may be an Italian makers mark.  
Regardless of origin Or maker ….. this  Mediterranean natural  coral  &  14ct Gold ring is extremely well made.

Take a close look at the numerous images to admire the quality of the entire ring.

This Superb Art Nouveau Coral Cameo 14ct Gold Ring  is an absolute delight to photograph , view or handle …………… I can only imagine what it would be like to look down & see it on one’s hand on a daily basis  or  whenever worn!

With an approx;  dimension of 23  by 17 mm’s  ~  the coral cameo is of significant size  & some may even say  Perfect size for a ladies ring!  
 An approx; size  ‘K’   and resizable.

Fine examples of rings in this genre are not easy to source and at the price this fine example is being sold for makes it especially good value when all aspects are considered.

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