Superb Edwardian 9ct Gold Engraved Bangle in Mint


A  Superb Edwardian 9ct Gold Engraved Bangle in Mint  condition & one of the best seen for some years!    Offered at a Very  ‘competitive price’   &  in “as new” condition …….. 100+  years after being made!!
** REDUCED FROM $1,450 TO $1,250
 ~  Excellent Value **

*** ALL PRICES In Au$’s ***


This A~mazing &   Superb Edwardian 9ct Gold Engraved Bangle in Mint   Really is one  “out of the box”. We have had quite a run lately  ~  Of having fine items offered to us that are in Absolute  MINT  Condition ……….. after 100 years Plus!


With this Amazing 9ct gold Edwardian bangle being an excellent example of the above. This is one of the nicest examples of an Edwardian English made 9ct Gold engraved bangle in Mint condition that I have encountered for many years! The condition is like new , as there are NO dents , creases or scratches  &  truly does belie it’s 100+ years of life!

One of the reasons for remaining in such amazing condition is down to it’s Quality!   It is Very well made , solid & strong ~ in Evert respect.    The hinge is perfect.   The clasp is perfect.   The safety chain is perfect.   The Entire piece is perfect in every sense , condition &  usage wise. The engraving is also of Fine Quality & not over done Nor under done …….. “little things”  such as~  The engraving , slightly continuing onto the  ‘non decorated side’  ~  Just enough to stylishly “finish the piece”  by engraving a small pattern on the ‘other side’  of the hinge & clasp!

A very stylish touch  &   one of the things that define Quality  &  assists in  ‘separating Great from Good’. This style of antique gold bangles are Literally  ~~   one of the most popular pieces of Victorian or Edwardian jewellery  ever made.

It can be worn with the fine engraving facing out , allowing the engraving to be seen & therefore less formal    ~~    Alternatively , one may wear the bangle with the  ‘non-decorated side’  showing only ……. more appropriate for a more formal occasion.  Almost Two pieces of gold jewellery in One!

Please view the Numerous Good Images ~  to form a very detailed understanding of the piece & it’s condition  {which we supply to assist you ~  in making a truly Informed decision.

We can never understand shops that upload just 1 or 2 images ………  To be frank with you …….  We treat All of our potential customers with  Far more respect & consideration  than that}

Yet again ,  another Superb Quality piece of Genuine antique jewellery  @  a price that very few shops will better   ……  @   au$1,450   ~~~   I sincerely doubt that you will  buy a better bangle at this price  ~   in any capital city in Australia.

If you have any questions regarding this  Superb Edwardian 9ct Gold Engraved Bangle in Mint  condition ~ that you may like to ask , please feel free to email for a prompt response.
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