Superb Genuine Art Deco Ruby Diamond Gold Tear Drop Earrings

Superb Genuine Art Deco Ruby Diamond Gold Tear Drop Earrings offered at a Special Price!  Authentic Art Deco earrings , natural earth mined Rubies , all original c1930’s.  
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W0W  ~  Aren’t these Superb Genuine Art Deco Ruby Diamond Gold Tear Drop Earrings something special.       ***** SORRY , NOW SOLD *****

Authentic c1930’s Art Deco earrings.  Natural earth mined Rubies with mine cut fancy chocolate coloured diamond accents to the fan shaped earpiece   ~   centered by a bezel set round faceted cut ruby.   With a matching pair of bezel set rubies above the tear drop shaped Ruby drops  >>>>>>  all set and mounted in TwoTone 14ct gold.

***  These were not listed at $5,500.    We have marked these “as $5,500”  as pointer to the minimum that these will be in Any shop in Oz .  Please check for yourself.       We are listing these straight in at our SPECIAL PRICE  of  au$3,500   ~   Having purchased these gorgeous art deco earrings extremely well   ~   we have decided to share our good fortune with our customers & enable one lucky lady to pick up a superb pair of authentic Art Deco earrings  @  a very special price indeed!  ***

These are stunning earrings & remain 100% true to the day they were made ,  some 80 years ago approx;  and are guaranteed  ‘compliment catchers’  whenever worn!   With the tear drops having a slightly more “pigeon’s blood colourway” ,  providing a slight yet appealing contrast to the bezel set Rubies.
These earrings really have been well designed in every aspect ,  down to the choice of fancy coloured diamonds & contrasting ruby colourways  ~  to tear drop cut rubies as drops instead of ‘the standard’ bezel set round droppers.

Superior quality art deco ruby & diamond 14ct gold earrings at a genuinely under market price!   IF you have an interest ,   do not procrastinate for too long  ~  not with these.

Having an overall length of approx;  33mms  & width of 15mms  or 1.33 inches in length  ~  they are of good proportions & size without being too large or ostentatious.
Combined with a very solid weight of 8.2 grams  ~  being yet another good indicator as to the quality of these Superb Genuine Art Deco Ruby Diamond Gold Tear Drop Earrings!

A diamond count of 22 x diamonds per earring , providing a total of 44 x diamonds to these authentic art deco earrings.  With the main gemstone of course being the 8 x Rubies  via 3 x round faceted cut bezel set rubies & the 1 x  larger tear drop ruby to each earring  ~  providing 26 natural gemstones to each earring & a total of 52  earth mined natural gemstones.

These will cost you every dollar of $5,500 and up to $8,500 in most shops  ~  in all Australian Capital city’s ,  without any doubt whatsoever!       Do not take our opinion on that point  >>>>>>>  we strongly suggest that You compare what you will get for au$3,500 in Genuine art deco ruby & diamond earrings of this quality , condition & originality.
I can guarantee you that you will not find any that even come near this pair of Superb Genuine Art Deco Ruby Diamond Gold Tear Drop Earrings for $3,500.

Although extremely difficult to precisely estimate carat weight of tear drop gemstones ,  we will add our estimated carat weights shortly.

These Superb Genuine Art Deco Ruby Diamond Gold Tear Drop Earrings are stunning ,  period earrings  and  without any exaggeration whatsoever will / would cost you anywhere between the above mentioned figures of $5.5k to $8.5k  depending upon which actual shop were selling them.
Yes , there can be that much variation from shop to shop  ,   and more.

A Genuine saving of at least $2,000 on One pair of earrings   ~   if You do have an interest in these ,  take 30 minutes out of your day ,  search via google and compare and you will see that these will cost you around $5,500 ++  basically anywhere else in Oz.

Even if you are not interested in this actual pair of earrings  ~  perhaps the preceeding is a Good indicator as to the seriously good prices that we sell our fine stock for ,   compared to what you will need to pay basically anywhere else in Oz for the ‘same’ piece!    Once again ,  use google & compare for yourself & make your own opinion as to whether we are exaggerating or not.

Have a good look at the images ,  which we have provided in the manner we have to give a much better indication as to proportions & size    ~~    do some research regarding the pricing & value of these exceptional earrings and if you then  have any questions that you would like to ask ,   please email for a prompt response.

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