Superb Georgian 15ct Gold & Enamel Ring ~ Captain J.G.King c1857


A Superb Georgian 15ct Gold & Enamel Ring ~ Captain J.G.King c1857  ~  in excellent Original condition!   Mourning jewellery at it’s very best!  A  Superior quality “Love Ring”  c.165 yr’s old , in remarkable condition!
*Reduced o Clear*


What a Superb Georgian 15ct Gold & Enamel Ring ~ Captain J.G.King c1857  engraved ring this charmer is ~


Very much in the Georgian style  ~  yet made 1857 ~ to commemorate the passing of  Captain J.G.King.   Research into Capt;  King .

This is a superior quality ring & it remains in outstanding original condition.   The inside of the band bares the inscription  …..  “Captain J.G.King d. 6th Feb; 1857 in his 80th year”

Such a short statement   ~   yet so much can be gleaned from so few words.
Obviously a man of means , kept a good diet & had means to keep well.
A Naval Capt’  –  A Military Capt’ ??     With  ‘ Britannia ruling the waves’  for the entirety of Captain King’s 80 years of life & the fact that Naval Captain’s tended to outlive their Military equivalents   ~   I am leaning towards the good Captain King being an English Naval Captain  &  will no doubt be proved wrong!

Naturally we all have different tastes , likes & dislikes  ~  Yet to my eye  ~  this ring is exceptionally beautiful!   The entire ring is very solid & well made in every aspect.   The gold holds a fine colour & with the beautifully designed enamel work allowing patterns of gold to shine through the black enamel  ,  highlighting the entire pattern & accentuating the thickness & size of the beautifully hand crafted  15ct gold ring.

Further details to be added shortly regarding weight , size etc ………..  Yet we just wanted to share the beauty of this extremely interesting 165 yr old historically important gold memorial ring with you.

I believe that these are equal too oeven more appealing , interesting &  ‘of love’  than a wedding ring!    Made by/for  a loved one , in this case possibly Captain J.G.King’s wife or daughter  ~  out of love , respect , loss & devotion   ~   for & too a man whom obviously meant a great deal & was loved by ‘the wearer’   ~~

“These rings come from Love”     ~~     they were commissioned to own & wear with love , out of love & for the love ………..  of the passed.

View the numerous images that we have uploaded to allow you to get an good understanding of the design , beauty  , condition  & quality of this  Superb Georgian 15ct Gold & Enamel Ring ~ Captain J.G.King c1857.

This  handsome ring is one of the best , of this genre ,  that I have encountered.
Yet in saying that ,  I do have a further two outstanding / similar rings in stock.
Try and get a look at those two as well ,  they are both excellent examples!

If you have any questions ,  please feel free to email for a prompt response   ~  yet at the new price of  $1,950  ~  this should find a new hand to call home reasonably quickly.