Superb Marcasite Ivory St.Silver Vintage Earrings & Brooch Set

Well aren’t these Superb Marcasite Ivory St.Silver Vintage Earrings & Brooch Set an amazing find.  Fine quality hand carved chrysanthemum in ivory & st.silver marcasite fittings!  c1930’s.


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This Superb Marcasite Ivory St.Silver Vintage Earrings & Brooch Set is not your average piece of pre & post art deco marcasite jewellery!

*** No Longer Available ***

Beautifully hand carved ivory **   and quality German sterling silver marcasite floral themed brooch & earrings {for pierced ears} set in fine original condition.

Have a close look at the naturalistic hand carved chrysanthemum!     Skillfully done using rudimentary tools & a great deal of patience.

** The Indian ivory would have been carved by  Indian craftsmen to sell to the English & European market via wholesalers  to provide a living for themselves. {all legally & above board , subsistence living for Local Indian artisans using local materials as they had done for thousands of years ,  prior to the ‘Cities agreement’ being passed in the 1940’s banning the ivory trade of items made AFTER that date ,  {Aprrox;  1943 from memory}.

With the legally exported carved Ivory pieces then being purchased by jewellers in various locales in Europe , U.K.  etc  to add their own individual creativity to their Indian colleagues.     With the end result being an example such as this Superb Marcasite Ivory St.Silver Vintage Earrings & Brooch Set from the 1930’s~40’s.

Remaining in excellent condition still after some 80 years ,  the brooch would look particularly stunning worn over black  &  when worn with the truly beautiful earrings ……  I would suggest to be prepared for compliments!

Note the beautifully realistic lines to the leaves ,   with the larger piece being a  particularly attractive shape ,  lines  & overall design.

An absolute ‘must have’  for the avid marcasite collector ,  the ivory collector  &  of course those that simply love  owning & wearing beautiful and  unique vintage jewellery!     The earrings add’s another dimension & making the set a far more desirable acquisition!

This one is definitely not one that you could expect to see again anytime soon  ~   especially at the price being sold for here ………….  it must offer excellent value for money ,   especially when compared to what Sydney or Melbourne  galleries will charge for the same set  and we actually encourage you to compare for yourself!

If you have any questions that you would like to ask regarding this Superb Marcasite Ivory St.Silver Vintage Earrings & Brooch Set ,   please do so via email  &  we will respond promptly.