Superb Rare Eberhard Black Dial 1920 Mono Button Chronograph 40m


This Superb Rare Eberhard Black Dial 1920 Mono Button Chronograph 40m  is one of the finest 1920’s vintage Swiss chronographs that you are likely to see. Simply exceptional in every aspect.
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A bespoke , superb Rare Eberhard Black Dial 1920 Mono Button Chronograph 40m  ~  it is near impossible to heap too much praise on this exceptional and very early wrist chronograph!

This is without doubt ,  off the very top shelf of early wrist chronographs made by the hugely regarded 19thC Swiss watch manufacturer  ~  Eberhard & Co.    ~   regardless of higher values or otherwise and when quality , rarity , aesthetic appeal and its place in wrist chronograph history ……….. this 1920’s Eberhard offers genuine value!

The amazing and original black enamel dial features both  telemeter & tachymeter scales.   
With bright crisp script still clearly visible.

Black enamel dials are one of the rarest of dials produced and are only found on very early chronographs generally and ‘homage releases’.
Eberhard got this one right!

This superb rare Eberhard black dial 1920 mono button chronograph is amongst the earliest wrist chronographs made by Eberhard!
With their first release of a wrist chronograph in or just before 1919  ~  this exceptional watch , in my opinion ,  dates to 1920 to 1925 and as such   ~   when combined with the numerous positives of this watch  ,  makes it a very serious piece of Eberhard & Co. Swiss watch manufacturers history!

By default ,  also an  ‘investors certainty’ !
The 40m case alone is a rarity ,  back when a 37m watch was regarded as an oversized watch and it remains in fine original condition.

The fine 15.5 Eberhard 5 tooth column wheel movement is the very first wrist chronograph movement which Eberhard & Co.  ever made and is running and functioning beautifully while keeping good vintage time …….. there are simply zero negatives to this stunning Swiss classic!
Once again , this one ticks all the boxes and is an exceptional and true vintage wristwatch.

We are happy to provide our complimentary warranty on this superb Rare Eberhard Black Dial 1920 Mono Button Chronograph 40m watch.
The olive shaped mono button , 18ct rolled gold case is in nothing short of remarkable condition.
It truly does belie it’s near 100 yr’s of age and presents considerably better in person than it does in the current images!

The handsome 40m case has developed such an appealing hue or patina ,  that only rose gold can do ,  it really does add yet another major ‘tick’  &  a beautiful aesthetic to the watch.

A top tier 1920’s Swiss chronograph by arguably the world’s best chronograph maker of the day …. of those that made their own movements!

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