Superb Vintage Omega Bumper Automatic Watch c1950


A Superb Vintage Omega Bumper Automatic Watch c1950 in exceptional condition.  This handsome  Ω  at  au$1,445  ~  must represent excellent value for money!
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This Superb Vintage Omega Bumper Automatic Watch c1950 is truly a cut or 2 above the vast majority of   Ω   of this style / period.

An amazing dial ,  same for the case   &   of course the iconic  Ω  354  bumper auto needs no introduction  ………  apart from the mint condition perhaps!

This one just has that ‘special look & feel to it’   ~   that indefinable  “something”  that a very similar dial Omega may not have ………  better symmetry to the dial design? ,    better appeal to a broader  %  of people ? ,   …….. it is hard to put “it”  into words ………. but whatever  “IT”   is ,  this one has  “IT”  in  spades.

At approx;  33.5 mms  w.o.c.  this is a ‘standard size’ gents watch of the period  &  due to the ever changing women’s fashions  ~  this Superb Vintage Omega Bumper Automatic Watch c1950 watch will suit both sexes.

Set with applied gold arabic numerals at  6 & 12  only  ………..  with applied gold Diamond markers at all other hour points except 3 & 9 ….  which has applied arrow head markers.       With millisecond markers in between  &  of course the  Legendary    Ω    Logo  applied via their gold Ω symbol , sitting above the Omega brand name  &  the relatively  ‘new’  term ,  AUTOMATIC   ……..  having been invented only some 7 yr’s prior to this superb watch being created.

With the original hands & second sweep retained & the original Omega crown being retained  with  Ω  logo  &  the entire watch being in truly fine condition  ………. this really is a  Handsome late 1940’s design dial  & 1950  watch   ~   with the condition being simply exceptional ,  in every regard!

The dial is in fine condition & an appealing design ,  the movement is exceptional & the watch is also a fine example   ~   it also is especially good value.

Just serviced prior to writing this ,  our customers needs are important to us  &  that is why we provide  6 months Free warranty with this handsome as’  Omega  ……….  for Your peace of mind  &  Your investment’s  security!

Fitted with a quality French lizard skin leather strap &  solid buckle ~  which sets this Uber Handsome Vintage Omega off beautifully!

With an early  12 million serial  #   ~   This Superb Vintage Omega Bumper Automatic  dates to  c1950  ……….. some may say spot on 1950 ……. yet I do not have such strict faith in the stated date codes ,  including the one that we provide in this site.

This is one seriously handsome vintage Omega watch that remains in excellent original condition  &  offers seriously good value!

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