Tavannes Cyma Watersport 24hr Military Dial Gents Watch 1940’s


An appealing Tavannes Cyma Watersport 24hr Military Dial Gents Watch 1940’s in good running order  &  good aesthetic condition as well.     Fine quality movement & fine quality watch!  *** ALL PRICES In  au$’s ***


A good Tavannes Cyma Watersport 24hr Military Dial Gents Watch 1940’s in totally original condition.

Running beautifully  &  recording time well   ~   This is an attractive 1940’s Gents watch with three runs of numbers.   With standard Arabic numerals indicating time in ‘standard manner’   ~   with a seconds readout and milliseconds markers as well  & of course with military 24 hour Arabic time numerals as well , with  attractive hands/seconds hand ……………..  All combining to make an appealing  &  very Handsome watch dial indeed.

If you are unfamiliar with the brand name of Tavannes  or even Cyma ,   I would suggest that it may be a good idea to do a little research on the brands name/s   ~   whilst being Highly respected & sought after in the ‘watch collecting world’  they can be little known by a large % of the public.

Having designed & created numerous ‘cutting edge’ watch movements throughout both the 19th  &  20th centuries ,  Tavannes/Cyma were suppliers of quality watch movements to many of the world’s leading brands for decade after decade after decade ,   one does not obtain that level of acceptance  &  success if you are not at the “top of the pile” of your chosen industry ……………  and that is Exactly what Tavannes/Cyma have achieved  during the entire 20thC.      No small feat by Any standards!

The entire  Tavannes Cyma Watersport 24hr Military Dial Gents Watch 1940’s is in excellent condition   ~   with Both the aesthetics & the movement being 100%  “as was made”.      Naturally ,  the camera has ‘magnified’  the cpl of  ‘white fade spots’  and made them look FAR  more noticeable than they are in reality ,   as is often the case with true vintage watches!   Very difficult to notice when viewed in person  &  Far less significant than the images suggest!

Regardless ,   an Original / Non re-painted dial is Always Much more desirable , even with a cpl of Minor age related marks.       Just like us  ~  seldom do photographs capture the Exact appearance that the  ‘eye captures’  when viewed in person ……..Much more so with true vintage watches ,   I.E. pre~1970’s  ………… I am unsure of why this ‘phenomena’  occurs ,   but occur it does!      At approx; 33 mm’s wide plus crown ,  this is suitable to both sexes yet probably not for men with large wrists  or  those that prefer small dinner plates on their wrists.

With images usually looking worse  or  better than the actual watch does appear when viewed & handled in person ,   I assume it must have something to do with the dials offering more challenges due to aging . colourways & Importantly …. different dial surfaces & dial surface materials used then ,   which are not used in contemporary times.    Yet I can guarantee that this watch presents considerably better in person that these photo’s indicate!

At approx;  33 mm’s wide  w.o.c.   &  it may be considered an ideal  uni sex watch   ~   being suitable to both men with non large wrists  &/Or ladies that prefer the aesthetic &  quality that are Good vintage watch provides.     With a very appealing case design of concentric form ,  this watch really is an appealing watch when viewed in person.

Priced to sell quickly ,  whilst offering Excellent value for money {$200+ to have this serviced Yet up to $550 in most Other cities}   ~  combined with our free warranty!          I suggest that If you have any questions regarding this Handsome Tavannes Cyma Watersport 24hr Military Dial Gents Watch 1940’s which is running beautifully & is sold with our 9 months Free warranty ,  that you should email for a prompt response …… as at this price  ~  for this watch …… it should not last too long!