Uber Rare Omega c1938 Scarab ~ Bulls Horn Lugs 26.5 SOBT2

Extremely Rare Omega c1938 Scarab ~ Bulls Horn Lugs 26.5 SOBT2 Ref; ck2014 ~  100% Original cond;  & a Truly Outstanding Investment Grade Vintage Watch!

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What an outstanding Art Deco wristwatch is this Uber Rare Omega c1938 Scarab ~ Bulls Horn Lugs 26.5 SOBT2 Gents Watch  ~    a true Classic vintage  Icon!   Ref; CK2014.


It is difficult for me to think of too many wrist watches that Scream  “Vintage watch”   Or  Art Deco   to anyone that glances at it ,  more so than this bespoke Omega design  from just before the world went Mad  &  WW2  erupted.

These were worn , naturally ,  throughout the war by both servicemen {officers} & civilians & were released  into the 40’s  ~  yet only in small numbers.
Full metal jacket 1930’s watches are not common by any means yet to find such an avante garde or outrageous case design in all st.steel is genuinely rare.

PLEASE NOTE:~    This rare model is featured in the Omega book,   *A Journey Through Time* (p. 128), which pictures and describes it as,  ‘Omega Art Deco Scarab wristwatch, 1938.  Calibre 26.5 SOB T2.  Polished stainless steel case, flange with a polished reed on the bezel, protruding case middle integrating the crown, scarab-style attachments and polished lug’s.

These are Genuinely  Rare watches!
Yet to find one with such an outstanding dial & in untouched condition  ~  With the ‘better dial design’  ~  Plus largest  35.5 mm case is exceptionally rare indeed.

This is a handsome &  super rare c938 Omega Icon.
View the numerous images ,  some 15 or 16 ,  that we have provided for you to enable you make an informed decision & see just how unique & handsome this early Omega is.

With this one being the largest scarab made ,  a   35.5 case! {w.o.c.}  & naturally the most sought after of all sizes.   The calibre 26.5 was first introduced in 1926, and is considered  “a calibre with incredible success”  (“Omega Designs,” Anton Kreuzer, p. 150).   After 1949, the movement was re-numbered & referred to as  calibre 100.

These Classic vintage Omega watches do appear from time to time , {every 2nd blue moon}   yet Never in such original condition  &  especially with such a dial configuration &  this being a Major factor when appraising a watches rarity  &  of course value .
Most usually have re-painted dials ,  which as they are over 3/4’sof a century old   ~   is not surprising.

Apart from remaining in such desirable condition, this Uber rare Omega c1938 Scarab ~ Bulls Horn Lugs 26.    ~~    with this dial configuration & design ,  is to my tastes ,   as good as these  come  &  could easily proudly sit on a glass shelf  …………….. in the Omega Museum Switzerland  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Or wear to work on a daily basis   ~   as there is no reason at all that this handsome & Uber Rare Omega c1938 Scarab ~ Bulls Horn Lugs 26.5 SOBT2 could not be worn daily {depending on your job of course}.

This 1938 Scarab ~ Bull’s Horns lugged watch is in 100% Original condition & is a true Investment grade watch & in my opinion ,  will continue to do as it has done done for some decades  previously &  continue to appreciate in value.

Naturally ,  the best examples always appreciate at a not only faster rate ,  but also an exponential rate as well.

*****  NOTE:~   the  Nine+ scratch marks to the underside of the inner case edge , the very edge.    Very astutely added to the watch over the decades  ~  each mark indicates when the movement was serviced.   Therefore this watch has been serviced a minimum of  nine times.

At 35.5 mm wide ,  the case is not a small case by any means   ~   yet with the length of the watch being  approx;  49 mm’s   ~   this is a very considerable size vintage watch    ~~   created  by one of the world’s  most  Avant Garde’  watch companies throughout the past 165+  years of their history     Ω OMEGA Ω      The world’s leading watch company in so many ways!

This Legendary  &  Uber Rare Omega c1938 Scarab ~ Bulls Horn Lugs 26.5 SOBT2   is an excellent example of this genuine Iconic model , is guaranteed authentic & to be as stated in this listing & we are happy to provide 6 months free warranty   ~

If you would like to purchase to wear daily or invest in this Museum grade Omega vintage Icon ,  please email with any questions that you may have and we will promptly reply.

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