Ultra Rare 1920’s Marvin Military Over Size Pin Set Watch


What a cracking , early and Ultra Rare 1920’s Marvin Military Over Size Pin Set Watch this 36m Marvin is!  c.1924 ~ 1928 and in 100% Original condition!  Another early & Ultra rare wristwatch sourced at Hobart town!


This handsome watch also happens to be an Ultra Rare 1920’s Marvin Military Over Size Pin Set Watch !

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Dating to between 1924 and 1928 this is one early & seriously rare Marvin wristwatch !
At 36m wooc ,  there is plenty of watch to love.

Having “2hands just” with no seconds sweep and being the original stick hands with the minute hand being exceptionally long ,  this fantastic watch has more features than any time only watch of this period that I can recall seeing.

The dial is unreal!
Probably where Omega and others copied the “dancing numeral dial” ,  as I call it ,  with the Arabic numerals changing as they proceed around the dial.
Some have their top facing the bezel ,  while others have the bases facing the bezel.

One of thousands of subtle differences that make up the near infinite number of dial designs over the past 120 years!!
Not all work f course , while a very small percentage are admired and desired by many.

The dial on this watch ,  in my opinion ,  certainly falls into the latter.

The dial and indeed the entire time piece remains ‘as it was made’ ,  some 95 years ago!!
Very few watches of this condition and age remain ‘untouched’.

The 15 jewell Marvin manual winder is in excellent condition and has not been molested.
Another great feature to this Ultra Rare 1920’s Marvin Military Over Size Pin Set Watch , is the pin set aspect!

Very rarely seen on large wristwatches at this stage ,  the pin below the crown is depressed to set the time!
Simpy wind the crown to power the watch and when you need to re-set the time ,  impress the pin and change the time / set the hands.
Meaning there is never any pressure placed on the crown ,  which has got to be a good thing!
With some current and recent releases by major brands having reviving pin set hands ,  there is no doubt they would be revisiting a “failed design feature”  and no doubt there is good reason they have done so.

Further info added as mentioned initially ,  yet we canot finish this listing without stating that we cannot recommend this handsome and Ultra Rare 1920’s Marvin Military Over Size Pin Set Watch highly enough and whomever purchases this handsome and big Marvin will be very pleased when they receive this one!

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