Ultra Rare Vintage CERVUS 3 Button Chronograph 1937 Swiss Watch


An Ultra Rare Vintage CERVUS 3 Button Chronograph 1937 Swiss Watch in great original condition!  Made by Achille Hirsch , one of the most active Swiss watchmakers of his time.


Have a good look at this Ultra Rare Vintage CERVUS 3 Button Chronograph 1937 Swiss Watch !

It is probably the only one you will ever see ,  literally!
Powered by the rare Landeron 3 button Cal;47.

Landeron made a more than a few million cal. 48 watches between 1938 and the 1980  ~  yet only produced a very few three button cal. 47’s  in 1937 before production went over to the two pusher cal. 48.
With the L.47 being a  13.75 ligne movement with a cam switch chronograph system. a variety of 14 ligne variants were also produced, as well as other complicated versions with calendars, moon phase and hour counters.

The Landeron 47 movement was the first cam-actuated chronograph and featured three buttons:
Start, stop, and reset. Cal. 48 switched to two-button operation.

Such as most , if not all , of the Swiss watch companies of the late 19th & early 20th centuries ….. the man behind this excessively rare watch had over 150 {as many as 190 , from memory} different registered brand or dial names.

Achillie Hirsch.
One of the ‘busiest watchmakers’ of his age!
Not only did he have a good long working life ,  he also collaborated with several major companies ,  while developing , producing & selling his own companies movements & watches ,  while supplying  `ebauche movements to many major companies of the day also.

The man behind dozens & dozens of quality Swiss brands and with separate collaborations with other fine Swiss watchmakers / brands , Cervine , Election , Cervus , Elyon & dozens more ,  it becomes clear very early into reading this man’s history that he was not only a highly talented Swiss watchmaker at the cutting edge of the industry ,  he was also a totally devoted & driven individual that was truly passionate about his “life’s mainstay”.

This is a genuinely very rare chronograph!
Quality three button chronograph with original dial , case ,blue steel hands , crown and elliptical pushers etc …. 80 yr’s after being made  ~  al original!

It has Just been Fully serviced and running / operating just as you would hope for ,  probably better than many would expect compared to some 80+ year old wrist chronographs.

Great example of a very early Landeron 47 ,  made in 1937 , I believe that this Ultra Rare Vintage CERVUS Chronograph 1937 Swiss Gents Watch is one of the very few that have survived , after 81 years ,  in 100% original condition.

The lower & top pushers being of appealing elliptical shape ,  with the central pusher & crown {deemed original} combined also adding to the overall aesthetics & appeal of the watch & it’s design.

Running strong and true with the chronograph function operating beautifully and returning to the center of the 12.
Minor wear to the rear from incorrect ‘nato’ strap having been used yet of no consequence on an 81 year old watch.

We are happy to provide a complimentary full warranty on this Ultra Rare Vintage CERVUS 3 Button Chronograph 1937 Swiss Watch.

Next service on this handsome Ultra Rare Vintage CERVUS 3 Button Chronograph 1938 Swiss watch should not be required for approx; 4 or 5 years  ~  with it being professionally serviced in June 2017.
Saving the buyer significant $’s.

Being sold at a seriously good price for the rarity , quality , originality & functioning condition of this handsome Achille Hirsch and we encourage you to compare to any other 1930s 3 button chronos of this condition and originality !

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This Ultra Rare Vintage CERVUS 3 Button Chronograph 1937 Swiss Watch is another one you will not find elsewhere and offers serious value for money at our selling price !