Ultra Rare Vintage CERVUS 3 Button Chronograph 1938 Swiss Watch


A Truly Ultra Rare Vintage CERVUS 3 Button Chronograph 1938 Swiss Watch in great original condition!  Has just been fully serviced & is running beautifully.  This is a fine  & Extremely Rare Watch!


Have a good look at this Ultra Rare Vintage CERVUS 3 Button Chronograph 1938 Swiss Watch !

It is probably the only one you will ever see ,  literally!
Yes , it is that rare.

** Price is temporary & will be changed to a price which closer represents the value of this rare & highly collectible 1930’s 3 button chronograph ,  at  Approx;  au$2,850.

Such as most , if not all , Swiss watch companies of the late 19th & early 20th centuries the man behind this excessively rare watch had over 150 {as many as 190 , from memory} different registered brand or dial names.

Achillies Hirsch.
One of the ‘busiest’ watchmakers of his age!
Not only did he have a good long working life ,  he also collaborated with several major companies ,  while developing , producing & selling his own companies movements & watches ,  while supplying  `ebauche movements to many major companies of the day also.

The man behind dozens & dozens of quality Swiss brands and with separate collaborations with other fine Swiss watchmakers / brands , Cervine , Election , Cervus , Elyon & dozens more ,  it becomes clear very early into reading this man’s history that he was not only a highly talented Swiss watchmaker at the cutting edge of the industry ,  he was also a totally devoted & driven individual that was truly passionate about his “life’s mainstay”.

This is a Genuinely Super Rare Chronograph !
A Quality three button chronograph with Original dial , case , hands … you name it …. 80 yr’s after being made!

Has Just been Fully serviced and running / operating just as you would hope for ,  chrono included of course!
Good example of a very early Landeron 48 , first made in 1937 , I believe that this Ultra Rare Vintage CERVUS Chronograph 1938 Swiss Gents Watch was made within 1 year /  15 months of the 48 first being released.

Having the three separate triggers for the chronograph ,  being start  ~  stop  ~  reset ,  the idea being less use / wear for each button  ……… which oddly enough ,   is based on common sense & fact.
The lower & top pushers being of appealing elliptical shape ,  with the central pusher & crown combined also adding to the overall aesthetics & appeal of the watch & it’s design.

The case had not been cleaned when the current images were taken & is about to have a “gentle hand clean” prior to selling.
It remains in good condition with minimal aging ,  when you consider it is an 80 year old wristwatch!

We are happy to provide a complimentary full warranty of 6 months on this Ultra Rare Vintage CERVUS 3 Button Chronograph 1938 Swiss Watch to the next owner of this handsome watch.

Next service should not be required for approx; 4 or 5 years ,  with it being fully serviced in June 2017.
Saving You significant $’s  &  providing you with plenty of confidence !

Further images added shortly.

Being Sold At A Genuinely Good Price For The Rarity , Quality , Originality & Functioning Condition of this Handsome 1938 Achillies Hirsch  CERVUS  Chronograph  ~

Being sold at a genuinely great price & offers are not considered on this watch @ this price thanks!

Please email to purchase Or to ask any questions & we will respond promptly , usually on the same day.


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