Victorian 14ct Gold & Australian Opal Pendant


Victorian 14ct Gold & Australian Opal Pendant of superior quality & remaining in Excellent Original condition with Zero damage , after 150 yr;s of life!


A Superior Quality  Victorian 14ct Gold & Australian Opal Pendant  in excellent condition.

Solid high grade 14ct yellow gold  ~  with a beautiful  c.150 year old patina.

This is an extremely well made 19thC jewel & remains in outstanding Original condition  ~  with Zero repairs , damage or ‘wear’ even!

With ‘non black opals’ being widely regarded as the most difficult of all gemstones to photograph accurately    ~~    This antique jewel was never going to “be an exception”  ~  with significantly more colour & fire than the pic’s indicate & after taking around 40 photo’s  ~  these are the best of the worst.

These Genuine 19thC  opal pendants & opal necklaces are becoming much harder to source now  &  when they do  ~  they are quite often well into the   $2,000  ~ $3,000 range.    Simply google the above header & add a city name  ~   E.G.  Victorian 14ct Gold & Australian Opal Pendant  Sydney   &  start comparing  ,  Yet plz make sure that you are comparing  ‘apples to apples’  though.

This Attractive 19thC 14ct gold example is yet another  Quality Piece  ~  being offered  @  an unbeatable  price  by  HOBART TOWN ANTIQUE JEWELLERY  ~~   Please use Google to compare our price on this piece to Any that you may find in Sydney , Perth , Melbourne , Brisbane Etc   ~~

At approx;  50mm x  25 mm  ~  It is a Good size 19thC  14ct solid gold pendant Fitted with  8  Australian Opals.    Very difficult to capture the colour in this piece ,  so please be aware there is significantly more colour than these pic’s indicate!

Being double articulated  , there is plenty of movement when worn & is guaranteed to be noticed , admired & complimented upon   ~   everytime you wear it!    It is a Very attractive , eye catching  &  “obviously antique”    Victorian 14ct Gold & Australian Opal Pendant   ~~~

Take a close look at the numerous images & note just how complex & detailed this beautiful  piece  is   ~~~   It Really is superbly created  ~~   It Really is in remarkable condition &  it Truly is a Fine Antique Jewel.

We presently have a few good chains that will suit this piece & will provide an even Better offer with a combined  9/10/14  Or 18ct chain & pendant together.

Price is by no means the most important factor when purchasing a beautiful piece of jewellery ,  that ‘hat’   is worn by the piece itself , naturally.       Yet , when you are able to purchase a Quality piece & save hundreds & at times thousands of dollar$   ~~   on One item alone  ~  That Is when price becomes Very important indeed!

Compare Our Prices     ~~     To Any Shop in Oz  ~  You will be Surprised!


If you have any questions regarding this Beautiful  Victorian 14ct Gold & Australian Opal Pendant  please email for a Prompt response  …………  Yet as I often say ………… don’t wait too long …. as at This price ………. You will Not be the only person interested!