Victorian 9ct Gold 2 Tone Gold Bracelet


A quality Victorian 9ct Gold 2 Tone Gold Bracelet in yellow & rose gold.  Beautifully made c.1880 and a very attractive genuine antique gold bracelet.
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This is an good example of a Superior Quality Victorian 9ct Gold 2 Tone Gold Bracelet  with Rose Gold & Yellow Gold links.

Contrasting links ~  with not only the use of different coloured gold used , {both yellow & rose gold} the links are of different shapes & designs altogether!    c.1880.

Owning this truly Beautiful piece   ~   is almost like owning two different bracelets!.    

Turning the links of this Superb  Victorian 9ct Gold 2 Tone Gold Bracelet does have a significant affect to the appearance of this quality 19thC antique gold bracelet ,  c.1880.

With the use of a rose gold Heart Shaped padlock & a rose gold ‘faceted dog’s clip’  &  safety chain ………… they supply not only a great contrast , they also make this antique  Victorian 9ct Gold 2 Tone Gold Bracelet  about as secure as you will find!

Approx; 21cm’s and 21 gm’s of solid 9ct gold ……..  it is of good weight ~ without being too heavy as a daily wearer.

This is a superior quality 19thC yellow & rose gold bracelet being sold at a great price.

At  21cms  &  21 gm’s {approx}  this Beautiful antique 19thC  2 tone 9ct gold bracelet  is  a good length  &  about as good a value as you would hope to find.

It is not a cheap 20thC ‘knock off’  ~  it is a fine example of a genuine antique 19thC / c.1880s  unusual double linked 9ct gold   bracelet made from two tones of gold {rose & yellow}  & two totally different styles of links ……… as it was made in the 1880’s.

Which in effect , gives you two different bracelets within the same bracelet!!    
Simply have one link facing outwards one day and then  turn it around so the other links face out  ~  making the piece very different in appearance.    
A great feature to this fine antique gold bracelet.

If you have any questions regarding this superb  Victorian 9ct Gold 2 Tone Gold Bracelet  ~  please email  for a prompt response.