Victorian Diamond Trilogy Antique Engagement Ring 22ct Gold UK c1868


A Rare Victorian Diamond Trilogy Antique Engagement Ring 22ct Gold UK c1868  ~  though this gorgeous mid Victorian 150 year old ring will look great on either hand ,  it is a perfect engagement ring!
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This Victorian Diamond Trilogy Antique Engagement Ring 22ct Gold UK c1868 shines so bright in the sun that we decided to take the pic’s outside for a change.

To my mind ,  these 19thC diamond trilogy rings or even diamond~Ruby trilogy rings are the most romantic of all engagement rings!

Obviously this beautiful antique ring was {probably custom} ordered & created to be a special ring ,  a standout for it’s day ,  some 150 years ago almost ,  with such bright diamonds and the rare use of 22ct gold.  
Therefore a great deal of love lays behind the origin of this classy ring.    

Made in Mid Victorian , Birmingham England  in 1868.

This Victorian Diamond Trilogy Antique Engagement Ring 22ct Gold UK c1868 has got it All going for it!
From being created with origins of love ,  in Mid Victorian Birmingham ,  England  in 1868 as a beautiful ring of superior standing ,  to that fact in reverse ~ that it now has almost 150 years of history behind it.  To the brightness of the gemstones and the rare use of 22ct gold  ~  to the romantic origins of the rings name , being Trilogy.

Far far less 22ct gold antique rings were created during 19thC England  ~  compared to the other more common gold grades such as 18 , 15 , 14 , 12 , 10 , 9 and 8 carat gold grades.   Combine that fact with the obvious beauty & the fact that 22ct is worth a great deal more than the other grades mentioned above ,  and you have an extremely desirable & sought after Mid Victorian ring!

There was one belief when this ring was made regarding the use of the term trilogy ,  being joined together by & always centred with God.
With less people now being as spiritual / religious as what was the case in 1868 , some have “tried to bring in a new meaning” which is not surprising ,  especially with the ‘new term’ focusing on self , rather than a higher being.  {not surprising in the sense that “the current movement of/for selfishness”}.

The other more often used term being ‘past present & future’  ~   yet that is also a far newer term compared to the former.   I believe less accurate too.   Not that it matters to the ring , its value or most people.

Currently a size  “K.5” and resizable.   Weighing approx; 2.5 grams.
There is approx;  .28tcw of  ‘H’ /  ‘S1’  diamonds that throw bright light to the viewer ,  as per images.   With further images added once the ring has been properly cleaned.
We have included a photo with a centimeter ruler to give a better indication of the gemstones ,  rather than just grading / sizes in print.
Bright diamonds , eye clean with natural inclusions under 10 x magnification only.

The band is thick and well proportioned and clearly hallmarked ,  though some rubbing is evident to the marks they are still legible with magnification.

Yet another quality example of the excellent value for money that our prices provide to the Australian public!    
This authentic Mid Victorian Diamond Trilogy Antique Engagement Ring 22ct Gold UK c1868 would sell for anywhere between  $3,000 to $4,000 in most Australian shops or websites.

If you would like to either purchase or ask any questions about this stunning 150 yr old Diamond Trilogy 22ct Gold ring  ~  please email for a prompt response.